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From 1 day to 3 months or from 1 year to 2 years
Paid by artist:

Rent of the studio spaces and materials

Application guidelines:

Nau Ivanow brings artists and companies into their spaces by open call or invitation. Open calls for the different types of residencies are posted in their website as new spaces become available.

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Nau Ivanow

Nau Ivanow

Lab of Performing Arts

Nau Ivanow is a space for the creation and dissemination of culture, specialised in performing arts. Nau Ivanow is a platform that promotes art projects, especially those lead by young artists, while supporting the creative process in all its stages.

Since its establishment in 1998, Nau Ivanow has been committed to the production of culture, offering spaces and resources for artists and cultural professionals to facilitate the development of their projects. Nau Ivanow is also a meeting place for citizens and artists, that guarantees access to innovative and high quality cultural content.

Nau Ivanow's residency programme aims to be a solution for the difficulties of young artists and cultural agents to find work and rehersal spaces. Nau Ivanow offers three types of residencies:

• The rehearsal residency is aimed at performing arts and offers young and emerging artists space and technical support for rehearsals and production of their performing projects.

• The residency at Viver de Creadors offers a workspace for artists and cultural workers who are initiating a new cultural project or enterprise.

• The creative residency offers artist collectives a space for experimentation where they can work on the initial phase of their creative project, the idea and conceptual development.


Artists or groups can include the show that they have created or rehearsed in the program of Nau Ivanow during 4 days of the season of representations.

Studio Information

The studio spaces have technical equipment for multimedia, sound and light. More details in their website.

Technical Information

Nau Ivanow has 2,000 sqm building divided into four different units. All of these spaces can be characterized as versatile, so they can easily adapt to any artistic proposal or cultural task, including creation and dissemination.


Nau Ivanow uses an old industrial building located in the district of La Sagrera, in the outskirts of Barcelona, but well connected with the city center by public transportation.

Contact information

Hondures 30
08027 Barcelona

david [at]