English, Italian
4 weeks
Paid by host:

They provide lodging during certain periods, while for some periods, there is a small fee associated with lodging.

Paid by artist:

Travel, food and all personal expenses.

Application guidelines:
  • Contact and biographical information, including web page links (100 words)
  • Current CV ( max. 3 pages) outlining relevant experience
  • Three References name and contact information
  • Portfolio of selected relevant projects published, performed, exhibited, or otherwise publicly presented during the last five years. (max 10 pages)
  • Letter of personal motivation (300 words)
  • Project Proposal: A one-page description (500 words) of the project that the applicant would pursue during her/his stay at NAHR. The proposal, must clearly describe the research project and its outcome: an artifact (painting, sculpture, installation), an image, a research paper, a food recipe, a structure, a process, a thematic path. The candidate will be held accountable for the delivery of the proposed outcome. Priority of selection will be given to proposals that demonstrate direct engagement with the surrounding nature and human habitat, through both objectives and methods, and to those that reveal the ability to leave a mark on the Taleggio Valley's territory. No NAHR funding are available at this time. Upon request, NAHR is pleased to provide individuals with letter of support for independent funding purposes.
  • If external funding is available to applicant please indicate it at the end of the project proposal page.

    ⚠️Please beware that application guidelines may vary for each residency scheme NAHR offers. Please check their website for accurate and up-to-date information.

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Nature, art & habitat

Nature, art & habitat


Nature, Art & Habitat residency: an eco-laboratory of multidisciplinary practice at Soggiorno Mazzoleni, located in Taleggio Valley, Bergamo, Italy – is a summer program that aims to unfold and display a sensitive type of culture that relates to nature as a source of inspiration and a measure of available resources. The ultimate goal of NAHR is to unveil intimate links among all living organisms for more resilient development in which humans and nature coexist. Alongside free participation in the program (residency and workshops) and free accommodation, NAHR will provide to selected residents intensive community exchange in a rich environmental setting.

At the outset of the Anthropocene and in consideration of current pressing climatic threats, the NAHR program seeks to push toward a deep rethinking of the environment and its functions, by challenging creative and critical minds alike to produce innovative interpretations of nature as a resilient but fragile resource and space. By looking macroscopically at the Earth’s ecosystems – climate, geology, soil, water, air, sun – and then reading the valley’s flowers, ferns, bees, pebbles, barns, villagers, shops, etc. microscopically, NAHR intends to investigate different natural components each year, their presence and their integrated coexistence in the Taleggio Valley, and expects to challenge participants to approach these in novel ways.

NAHR is a one-month residency offered to six multidisciplinary professionals and one university level student active in the fields of bio-inspired arts, design, architecture, as well as anthropology, botany, natural sciences, literature, technology, economy or a cross-disciplinary blend of any of these. An international jury will select the residents based on their proposals. Selection criteria will include feasibility, originality, and overall quality of the proposals. Each NAHR residency is supplied without fees; lodging is provided. Residencies will be awarded according to independent project proposals that best explore the 2017 topic Rock and stone: material culture and cultures of making; candidates are asked to consider how their proposals might best explore how to build dynamic relationships and articulations between the Valley’s ecological resources, socio-cultural practices, and the built environment.

Proposals have to consider the Taleggio Valley as a case study and will understand the residency is an opportunity to develop individual research paths. Proposals must aim to explore in-depth the domains of nature and landscape alongside the identity and memory of the valley situated in the heart of the Orobie Alps. Approaches may include the tangible and intangible heritage of rural buildings, artifacts, works, as well as oral stories, knowledge, know-how, traditions, crafts, flavors, habits of the local population and communities that participate, legitimize, perpetuate, and generate an in situ cultural logic of people and place.

Selection priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate both a direct engagement with the surrounding nature and the human habitat, through objectives and methods, and the ability to produce an artifact such as an installation, a thematic path, a sculpture, paintings, texts, food recipes, as new types of landmark on the Valley's territory. Applicants need to demonstrate via their portfolio a strong commitment to research and investigation, as well as demonstrate the production of previous work relating to the scope of NAHR.

Current NAHR call for a summer residency in Italy is extended until March 2021. Keep checking their website for varying programs and deadlines.


Artifact of something that can represent the work which is inspired by the artist staying in Val Taleggio

Studio Information

Studio space is mostly outdoors as the organizers are expecting work done in nature. There are small indoor studios available for rainy days.

Accommodation Information

They provide small apartments with independent fully equiped kitchen and bathroom for each resident.

Technical Information

There is a library with local information (mostly in Italian) and a small printer.

Contact information

Sottochiesa 161
24010 Taleggio BG

info [at]