Finnish, English
2 weeks – 2 months
Paid by artist:


Studio 2: 44 m2 workspace + bedroom 410 € / month (225 € / two weeks)
Studio 3: 14 m2 workspace + bedroom 350 € / month (195 € / two weeks)
Studio 4: 10 m2 workspace + bedroom 330 € / month (180 € / two weeks)
Studio 5: 70 m2 workspace + bedroom 450 € / month (247 € / two weeks)
Writers room: 12–16 m2 bedroom 280 € / month (150 € / two weeks; can be used also for artists who don´t need a separate studio)

Extra-person/working pair in same bedroom +150e/month.

Check here for up-to-date pricing.

Application guidelines:

Online application. Due to limited resources and the large number of applications received, the organizers are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.


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The Mustarinda House is situated on the second highest summit in the Kainuu region, adjacent to the north-east edge of the Paljakka Nature Reserve. The house is an old elementary school building built in the 1950s. Nowadays it is the only inhabited house on the summit. The house is surrounded by old-growth forest which in its ecological diversity is an extension to the nearby Paljakka Strict Nature Reserve.

Mustarinda is a community in the making since 2009. More-than-human and human bodies are tangled through the house, the sauna, the garden, the yard, the forest, its swamps and wetlands. Together with the permanent dwellers, the Mustarinda Association is a group of artists, housekeepers, local visitors, maintainers, repairers, builders, and researchers of all stripes - all growing roots and transitioning for shorter or longer periods. Their shared goal is to promote the ecological rebuilding of society, the diversity of culture and nature, and the connection between art and science.

At the center of their activity lies contemporary art, boundary-crossing research, practical experimentation, communication, education and events. The Mustarinda Association reaches towards a post-fossil culture by combining scientific knowledge and experiential artistic activity.

In the coming years the Mustarinda Association seeks to actively challenge conventions of research production and dissemination. Their focus will be towards ways of doing and sharing to look beyond the yearly cycles and into the long-term possible futures that help enable an ecological reconstruction.

At this residency, your individual or collective practice is valued in its own right. The open call is for wherever your research, process, focus, or need for time and space takes you.


There is no expected outcome for the residency period.

Studio Information

Studio 2: 44 m2 + bedroom
Studio 3: 14 m2 + bedroom
Studio 4: 10 m2 + bedroom
Studio 5: 70 m2 + bedroom
Writers room: 12–16 m2 bedroom

Accommodation Information

Mustarinda house is run by Mustarinda association members and volunteers. Residents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Hyrynsalmi. Residency starts on 1st weekday of the month and finishes on the last weekday of the month. Grocery shopping in the Hyrynsalmi village upon agreement ca. once a week.

Residents have communal use of:

  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • living room
  • library
  • electric sauna
  • wood-burning outdoor sauna
  • Kota /grill hut, etc.

There is also some hiking and winter sports equipment, footwear and apparel that may be borrowed upon agreement. There’s a nature trail to a nearby forest starting from the back yard of Mustarinda House. The building has wireless internet access, which is unfortunately sometimes slow because of the distant location.

The Mustarinda house is nearing energy self-sufficiency and works largely with volunteer work. It is expected that the residency guests take part to some of shared tasks in the house like cleaning, gardening in the summer, or snow work in the wintertime.

During the residency months there might be some short-time workshops or visitors in the house, where children are welcome. The communal life in the house can be very lively. If you're looking for a very quiet place to work, please mention it in your application.

Technical Information

The workspaces have large windows, proper lighting and mechanical ventilation. Available for loan are basic tools for working with wood, a digital SLR camera, skis, snowshoes and other equipment. The building has wireless internet access. There is a cross country ski trail by the house. Residency entrants are responsible for making travel arrangements.


Paljakka, Hyrynsalmi, Finland. The Mustarinda house is surrounded by Paljakka nature reserve, where you the oldest forests of Finland are located. The nearest village is in 23 km.

Contact information

Paljakantie 61
89400 Hyrynsalmi

info [at]