German, English
2 months
Paid by host:
  • A fee of €3000.- and production costs (if needed) are covered
  • Travel, accommodation and a workspace at ‘’ are provided
Paid by artist:

Meals, research material, working equipment.

Application guidelines:

Please send a single pdf file to: re[email protected] with subject: ‘AIR21: Paradigm Shifts’ including:

  • a short bio (~150 words),
  • portfolio links and
  • a compelling project proposal.

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2021 - Paradigm shifts

Since 1999 ‘’ operates a server farm in Graz (Austria) and is connected to the global network via ACOnet (Austrian Science Network). The NETWORK ‘’ is a virtual, constantly expanding platform of artists and cultural workers from different sectors for the development and promotion of network culture, Web-Art, Sound Art, Software Art and Media Art in general.
The INITIATIVE ‘’ is committed to technology development using Free/Libre & Open Source Software. Difference-forming media diversity, unrestricted flow of information and transparent knowledge transfer form the core content parameters of the NETWORK INITIATIVE. The TEAM ‘’ is organized as a self-administered, non-commercial company and forms the infrastructural basis (backbone) for the work of the ‘’ COMMUNITY at a high technical level. ‘’ creates conditions and expands the possibilities for net art and digital culture.

In 2021 they offer a fully funded 2 month Artist in Residence at the netart & digital culture initiative ‘’. This residency program offers the opportunity to develop and adapt existing artworks, offers the artist the appropriate accommodation, infrastructure and possible assistance within the ‘’ community to research, develop ideas, collaborate with others and produce digital artworks.
The residency is one part of the 2021 annual program ‘Paradigm Shifts’ and will take place before and during a worklab session with the same name. The worklab is organised as an “unconference” will take place in Graz (Austria) in spring 2021 and consists of a five-day program of public keynote speeches, discussions and hands-on workshops. Three major topics are elaborated and worked on: paradigm shifts in relation to (digital) ecologies, diversity and machine ethics. On the one hand, content-related impulses are contributed by the Artist in Residence, in addition, two impulse presentations on theoretical topics and practical workshops covering ‘essential tools and skills’ using Free and Open Source Software are organised by community members. The participant group of the worklab consists of local actors and external guests who are selected and invited via separate open call. Outcomes from the ‘Paradigm Shifts’ residency and worklab will be presented in an exhibition in November 2021.

Note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic an alternative timeframe for the residency is scheduled for summer 2021.

  •  The invited artist will participate and actively shape the work lab ‘Paradigm Shifts’.
  • Process documentation & the creation of one or several artworks.
  • The outcome of the residency and the working lab will be presented in an exhibition in November 2021 in Graz (Austria).
Studio Information

Besides the apartment artists can work in the project room where they have general office equipment, printers, internet, etc.

Accommodation Information
  • 1st floor, 28m2, 2 Rooms equipped with cooking plate/fridge/shower/internet/heaters;
  • 1 double bed + 1 extra bed
  • working area on the ground floor at project room.
Technical Information

Fast internet connection, workshop area for working with electronics, small studio setup to record podcasts/radio, tech facilities like 3D printer, CNC mills, laser cutters available through their network.

Contact information

Leitnergasse 7
8010 Graz

residency [at]