English, Arabic, French
1-3 moths
Paid by host:
  • Connection and exposure to the Tunisian contemporary art scene.
  • Archiving their artistic process.
Paid by artist:

The fee is 500 euros per month. Artists should arrange relevant materials for their practice. During the residency, depending on the duration, residents need to host a minimum of one open studio exhibition and host one community-oriented workshop. Also, residents are expected to take over Mouhit's Instagram account to post a minimum of two posts and 5 stories a week.

Application guidelines:

Submissions that demonstrate the following will be prioritised:

  • Aesthetics - artistic merit, quality both conceptually and formally
  • Experimentation - demonstrated willingness/desire to expand/push their practice further
  • Connection to your environment - awareness of how your practice is situated in / impacted by your environment.
  • Challenges conventional artistic forms

Apply by sending an email that includes:

  • Description of your practice (max. 100 words)
  • Portfolio of work & CV -
  • Communicate ideas about expectations of the residency (250 - 300 words)
Besides the regular deadline, all year long applying possible

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Mouhit Space

Mouhit Space


Mouhit is an unconventional playground and an alternative exhibition space for emerging artists, located in Carthage, Tunis. It provides resources and creative support to artists through three interconnected platforms: Residency programs for both local emerging artists and international artists to develop their artistic practice; Exhibitions and public programs with a focus on environmental, socially conscious approaches to materials and production; Hosting community-oriented activities like workshops and culinary-events.

The international artists in residence program welcome international artists who would like to start or continue their practice. We encourage artists who like to engage/nourish Mouhit’s playground by hosting community-oriented activities.

  • The International Artists in residence will host an open studio at the end of the residency.
  • Mouhit highly encourages community-oriented workshops with on any topic proposed by the artists in residence.
  • Take over Mouhit's Instagram account to post a minimum of 2 posts and 3 stories per week.
Studio Information

The exhibition space, as well as the communal kitchen, is on the ground floor, while the living quarters, shared workspace and a smaller gallery are located on the upper floor.

There is a very spacious garden as well as an outdoor studio to accommodate various production processes. The garden can also be used as an exhibition space. The house and the neighbourhood provide the space to reflect, experiment and create, whether an artist wants to do research or production.

Accommodation Information

The residency is housed in a villa: it provides a communal living setting for residents which reinforces the socially engaged, environmentally oriented approach of the organization. The exhibition space, as well as the communal kitchen, is on the ground floor, while the living quarters, shared workspace and a smaller gallery are located on the upper floor.


Located in Carthage Byrsa, which had been at the centre of the ancient civilization of Carthaginians/ Punics and, later, an important city for the Roman Empire. Situated on the east side of Lake Tunis, Mouhit’s alternative exhibition space is close to galleries like Selma Feriani in Sidi Bou Said—a charming town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with al fresco cafes, and Tunisian eateries, which in the past had attracted artists and intellectuals from Europe and North Africa. Our residency is accessible via the TGM train that connects the centre of Tunis to the seaside suburbs of La Goulette, Carthage and La Marsa. It is also frequented by locals and visitors alike, especially those who look for architecture as the marker of civilizations. Animated and active, our location sits a short walking distance from the historically significant Punic Port, and in near proximity to the upcoming Le Kram neighbourhood.

Contact information

5 Rue Ibn Khaldoun

mouhitspace [at]