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Varies for each call
Paid by host:
  • Accommodations
  • Round-trip travel for the entire family unit
  • A group stipend to cover the shared daily costs, including food and basic housekeeping needs.
Application guidelines:

Mophradat launches multiple calls each year with different application guidelines. However, they have a general eligibility criteria

  • Be complete (all documents requested are submitted);
  • Be related to a field of contemporary arts (all disciplines are welcome);
  • Be for a contemporary arts activity or project by artists or other arts practitioners from or living in the Arab world, or be relevant to the region;
  • Be realized by professional artists and/or other arts practitioners (such as curators, critics, writers, etc.) who have been active in their field for a number of years;
  • Be ambitious and demonstrate an awareness of artistic concerns;
  • Involve no commercial activity or organization;
  • Be devoid of any intention to promote intolerance, violence, patriarchal worldviews, or any form of discrimination based on ability, age, gender, nationality, origin, race, religion, or sexuality;
  • Not work against Mophradat’s mission and values, which you can read here;
  • Meet the specific criteria related to the specific open call.

For "At Home with Kids" (Deadline: 25 March 2021)

  • The main applicant must be from or have origins in the Arab world;
  • They must be a professional working artist, writer, or curator, and working on a specific project;
  • They must be at present a primary (co-)caregiver and planning to travel with no more than two children under the age of five who will join them in residence (due to space and logistical constraints, we anticipate only being able to accommodate family units of maximum two caregivers and two children);
  • They must have an interest in communal living, including sharing, compromising, and contributing to everyday household responsibilities;
  • Sharing a common studio rather than a private workspace should be compatible with their practice.
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Mophradat is an international nonprofit contemporary arts association that creates opportunities for thinking, producing, and sharing among contemporary artists from the Arab world and their peers everywhere. Mophradat sees its activities as tools—artistic, discursive, logistical, and financial—for artists and cultural thinkers to use toward inventing new arts practices, arts organizations, and art publics. Mophradat believes the content—ideas, artworks, and relationships—generated through its activities contributes to diversifying the artistic and intellectual ecology; making it more vital and compelling, and able to play an emancipatory role in the Arab world and elsewhere.

Mophradat offers various calls each year. Please check the "Open Calls" section on their website regularly to stay up-to-date with their program.

Mophradat launches a residency called "At Home with Kids" by opening up its venue in Athens as a summer retreat for artists and their families to live together, where artists can work and children can play in an experiment of communal living (14-15 July 2021). 

Being mothers, (involved) fathers, caregivers and parents is a part of many people’s identities—one that is often ignored within the art world. Although art is a field of work that, in most contexts, favors the personal over the official, and the emotional over the material, it nonetheless, like most other professional spheres, replicates the patriarchal strategies that render parenting invisible.

Three artists (and partners) with young children will be invited to spend a month-long residency in the venue. The format will allow for shared childcare and afford working space and time to the residents, all within a safe social environment, with resources, time, skills and stories made common. As the experience unfolds, Mophradat will use the opportunity to engage residents in further explorations of the theme of motherhood.


Accommodation Information

The Athens venue comprises four spaces that can be used as bedrooms, one collective working area for the artists, a common play space for the children, shared kitchens and bathrooms, a small garden and large terraces. Please also note that the house is on two floors, and is only partially wheelchair accessible.

Contact information

185 Rue du Faubourg du Pont Neuf
86000 Poitiers

residency [at]