English, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian
2 weeks to 1 year
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation
  • Production support
  • Travel costs
  • Bursary (when possible)
Paid by artist:
  • Living costs
  • Supplies
Application guidelines:

There are no regular application dates; open calls will be announced according to the availability of the residencies. The residents are selected by the jury assigned by the director of MGLC; the candidates should submit their CV's and proposal for the project they tend to develop during the residency. There is no application fee.

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MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts

MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts

Swisshouse Creative Centre

The International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) is a specialised museum, producer of printed and contemporary art, and provider of artist residencies, based on the heritage of the Biennial of Graphic Arts and 20th century art of printing. MGLC was established on 25 December 1986 by the city of Ljubljana, upon the initiative of the longtime head of the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts (since 1955) and the first director of MGLC, dr. Zoran Kržišnik. It has been the mission of MGLC from the outset to perform a number of activities that are interrelated and complementary in their nature, such as taking care of the extensive collection of prints and artist books produced after 1945. The institution’s most recognisable ongoing manifestation is the Biennial of Graphic Arts, which is known as the world’s oldest graphic arts event. In 2017 MGLC has expanded and the new venue and residential centre, Švicarija Creative Centre, has been opened offering a space for discursive events, educational programme and residencies for artists (residencies and studios).

Švicarija/Swisshouse Creative Centre is a cultural, educational and social hub in the central city park of Ljubljana. It offers public programmes, studio spaces for local artists, and three (3) all-year-round residencies for international artists and experts. The international residency programme focuses primarily on contemporary visual arts, above all on different aspects of graphic arts, printmaking and reproductive media, as well as on other disciplines of art and humanities. Švicarija thus welcomes visual artists, curators, critics, writers, academics, performers, etc. The duration of the residency is between two (2) weeks and one (1) year depending on the needs, interests and availability. The residents can expect to have their accommodation and travel costs covered by the hosting institution, as well as they will be assisted if applying for a grant. The residents are expected to get to know the vibrant local scene in Ljubljana and to conceive and conduct at least one public event during their stay in Švicarija artist residency.

Critic-in-Residence Programme 2022


Artists and creators who stay in Swisshouse/Švicarija Creative Centre are not obliged to produce a new work, though small exhibition and/or talk or presentation and/or educational programme (workshop) are desirable.

Studio Information

Švicarija Creative Centre provides three (3) studios for international residents which can host different activities; they are appropriate for almost all kinds of visual arts (apart from big-format sculpturing), literature and academic work.

Accommodation Information

For the international residencies three (3) studio flats are available for artists and experts from various fields. The studio flats include working space (studio), bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The flats are part of the larger residential centre with two (2) long-term residential studio flats for local artists, eleven (11) working studios and spaces for public programmes. The size of the studios is between 52 and 77 sqm.

Technical Information

Fully equipped printing and graphic art workshop within frames of MGLC.


Swisshouse/Švicarija is located in the central park of the city of Ljubljana. It is on the edge of a forest but short walk from the city centre of Ljubljana.

Contact information

Švicarija, Pod turnom 4
1000 Ljubljana

info [at]