1 to 6 months
Paid by host:
  • a shared apartment
  • a studio space
  • a fee of 700 EUR per month
  • a production budget of 200 EUR
Paid by artist:

Artists in residence are responsible for all other expenses – material, travel a transport costs, meals&IE.

Application guidelines:

Interested applicants must send the following information in English: 

  • CV,
  • a short description of the project you’d like to work on – up to 1000 characters,
  • your portfolio – presenting up to 5 projects related to the subject of the open call,
  • information about when you’d prefer to come.

to openca[email protected] with the required title specified for each program.

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MeetFactory is a non-profit international center for contemporary art founded in 2001 by the artist David Černý. In the wake of the destructive floods of 2002, MeetFactory was forced to evacuate its previous premises in Holešovice. The project was resurrected three years later in an industrial building in Prague's quarter Smíchov, in a unique space squeezed between a motorway and an active railroad. The program of MeetFactory consists in four dramaturgic departments - music, theatre, gallery and the artist-in-residence program.

The international Artist-in-Residence program is the largest studio program in the Czech Republic. MeetFactory facilitates fifteen studios, which annually host over thirty visual artists, curators, musicians, theatre directors or writers. We foster the involvement of our artists in residence not only within the programming of MeetFactory, but also in the context of the Czech and Central European art scenes.

The MeetFactory AiR Program launches several open calls throughout the year, for both international and Czech contemporary artists and curators, mainly in the field of visual arts. Currently they have three open calls for 2022:

  • Food Studio – looking for projects where food grows to become another medium of contemporary art.
  • Sustainable Studio Practice – a safe space where you can develop a project focusing on the topic of sustainability within your artistic practice. This residency is intended for artists living within a radius of 1000km from Prague.
  • Performance Studio – for artists active in the field of performance, with a special focus on interdisciplinary projects connecting performance and visual arts and theory.

A participation in monthly open studios is required. Artists in residence are vividly involved in further programming of the MeetFactory, participating on events throughout the building. They will receive studio visits from critics, writers and curators. 

Accommodation Information

MeetFactory is renting two apartments in a close proximity to the building which can be shared by the in-coming artists. Both apartments are reachable by public transport 24 hours per day. They also own 3 separate apartments which are located in a building adjacent to MeetFactory.


MeetFactory is situated on the southern edge of the wider center of Prague, in Prague's quarter Smíchov. MeetFactory is easily accessible by public transport. 

Here you can read more about the project from Marta Krześlak, developed in the residency and supported by i-Portunus, EU Mobility Scheme for artists and cultural professionals.

Contact information

Ke Sklárne 15
MeetFactory o.p.s.
150 00 Praha

pr [at]