Spainsh, English
3 weeks to 3 months
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation in a space managed by El Ranchito;
  • Travel assistance: a maximum of €1,200 per person (tickets will be processed directly by the Matadero coordination office through its usual suppliers);
  • Allowance: up to €140 per person per week, upon presentation of invoices;
  • Accident and health insurance for the period of the residency.
Application guidelines:

On recommendation. Please consult Matadero's website for information on current open calls.

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Matadero / El Ranchito

Matadero / El Ranchito


Matadero Madrid is a living, changing space catering for creative processes, participatory artistic training and dialogue between the arts. It was created as a contribution to reflection on our contemporary socio-cultural environment, as well as to support processes for constructing the culture of today and tomorrow.

Set in one of the most important industrial architecture sites of early 20th century in Madrid, it aims to become the city’s biggest centre for contemporary creation and a leading international space dedicated to present-day creation. Matadero Madrid is an initiative by Madrid Council’s Department of the Arts, in collaboration with other public and private entities.

El Ranchito is a research project promoted by Matadero Madrid aimed at developing new strategies for fostering art institution-based creation and reflection by providing residencies for international artists, establishing connections with multiple local cultural agents and launching open calls as tools for energising the art scene.

There are two open calls:
1. Artist in residence. Madrid’s cultural stakeholders are the ones who provide El Ranchito with a list of foreign artists with whom they would like to work or develop a joint project. El Ranchito offers a residency in Madrid of three to six weeks with a per diem allowance throughout the stay. The project resulting from this work may receive funding from El Ranchito in a subsequent stage and form part of its schedule of activities.
2 Workspace for artists. Different work modules are available for the city’s artists and collectives that may need them to develop a new project over a period of 3 months maximum. The number of artists benefitting from this call will vary according to the square metres of space and time requested.


Open Studio or public presentation at Matadero and contact with local artists communities and cultural agents.

Some projects are also exhibited in other countires thanks to the strategic alliance with AECID (Spanish Ageny for International Cooperation and Development).

Studio Information

The workspaces are in between 60 m2 and 120 m2 big, integrated in an open space


Matadero is located in the Arganzuela district of Madrid’s Legazpi quarter, close to the River Manzanares, which forms a natural barrier dividing the centre and south of the city. It is situated on the border between the city and its large river park.

Contact information

Paseo de la Chopera 14
28045 Madrid M

elranchito [at]