English, Chinese
1-3 months
Paid by host:

Fees used to produce and display art work during residence, about 10000CYN

Paid by artist:

Visa fees, personal expenses, and successful eligible artist need provide the invoicing of travel insurance in the residency period.

Application guidelines:

Required materials for application:
1. Resume in both Chinese and English, of which the accuracy of the content should be guaranteed.
2. Personal photo, about 1M in size.
3. Portfolio of works, which contains the most representative works of the artist in the creation process that fully reflect his artistic characteristics and thinking, of which all texts should be in English.
4. Project plan for the residence, basically as a primary draft of the artistic creation of the artist, which may include the idea, the general plan, and the potential needs for material, space, personnel, etc. related to the implementation of the project to help us better understand the expectation and overall vision of the project of the artist.
5. Application form for the residency, which could be downloaded here: all contents filled in English.

All required materials should be sent to the official email address of LUXELAKES A4 Art Museum: [email protected], with the subject line"2022A4 International Artist Residency Program + Applicant's name".

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A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program

Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum (formerly A4 Contemporary Arts Center) was founded in March 2008 by Chengdu Wide Horizon Investment Co., Ltd. The museum operated for eight years under the leadership of Ms. Sunny Sun. During that time, A4 held 37 contemporary art exhibitions and over 500 lectures, salons, and workshops, cooperating with 257 distinguished artists and more than 30 accomplished curators. In August 2016, the A4 Art Museum was formerly registered as a privately operated non-profit art museum.

A4 International Artist in Residence International Exchange Program

The A4 International Artist in Residence International Exchange Program as an annual project of the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum launches officially today and recruit artists, curators, and researchers in residence for 1-3 months. A4 Art Museum will select 10-15 artists/ groups from all received applications and provide support such as round-trip air tickets, accommodation, studios, material fees, salons, sharing sessions, etc.; also, the artists will also receive professional support from project assistants and art museum team for knowledge production and cooperation.


1. Public art works (temporary/permanent)
2. Exhibition of artworks or projects
3. Public Activities and extension
4. Literature research cases and outputs

Studio Information

The studios are simply equipped with a work table, a water dispenser, and wireless internet. Artists can use other museum facilities as required by the event or project, based on their project plan; the museum also provides standard tools, such as chainsaws, drills, and scaffolding, as well as basic technical support.

Accommodation Information

They have several apartments that are shared by visiting artists. Artists have separate bedrooms, but they share the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and balcony. The apartments are all equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine, WIFI, and shower. The apartments are located in several different places, and artists can take the subway and shuttle buses between the museum, their studios, and their apartments.

Technical Information

The museum has over 3,500 sqm of space including three floors of independent exhibition space, and 1500 linear square meters of exhibition space, including working areas and functional spaces: a public library, an academic lecture hall, multi-purpose performance hall, children's educational center, residency studios, gift store, cafe, professional art storage area.

Contact information

South Extension Tianfu Avenue,Tianfu New Area
Sichuan Sheng, 510091

a4office [at]