English, Chinese
1-3 months
Paid by host:

At the moment, A4 Art Museum provides a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees (CNY10000), different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities; the specifics are determined by the project of the artist and the yearly schedule of projects and events of the museum. In terms of the expenses which are covered by the artist, these change from year to year.

Paid by artist:

Living expenses, visa fees, personal expenses, and successful eligible artists need to provide the invoicing of travel insurance in the residency period.

Application guidelines:

Applicants should provide:

  • The latest CV in English and ensure all information in the CV is accurate.
  • Collection of representative work that reflects the artistic quality and can fully represent the personal style of the artist. The size of easel painting picture and similar artworks should be of the same viewing quality, about 1M in size and named in the standard order (name of the artist, name of the work, category/ material, size, and year). Music and similar works should provide MP3 document or website link; performance art and installation work should provide image information and descriptions with the quality of the picture and format same as described above. Work of other types can use supporting materials accordingly. All materials should be in English.
  • Program plan during residence is a preliminary draft of art creation plan made by the artist; it may include an overall plan of the residence and requirements during the implementation of that plan such as material, space and people. Applicants can make specific creation plans for specific programs. The plan should be in English and Chinese.
  • The Residence Application Form is the major application document. Please download and fill it in. The form should be completed in English.

Upon completion, please send it to Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum official email at: [email protected] with the title: A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program.

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A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program

Due to the global epidemic, A4 International Artist in Residence International Exchange Program in 2020 is greatly affected, but this has not impeded the operation of the museum and the ongoing process of the project. As of March 15, 2020, A4 Art Museum had received 211 applications from 44 countries. Even if the exchange in concrete space has been controlled and blocked, they always maintain communication with every artist. Under such circumstances, A4 Art Museum has attempted many novel methods of cooperation. "60 Days of Lockdown" launched on June 23, 2020 has raised numerous attention and support. They have cooperated with 60 groups of artists around the world. Among them, there are 24 artists who have created new artworks based on the project; 24 artists provided interview videos based on the project.
Meanwhile, A4 ARIE Art Center had also completed its second renovation since its establishment during the quarantine period, with advanced facilities and surrounding environment, adopted a new logo, as well as launched 4 labs and a brand new exhibition hall of 1200 square meters. The museum provides various methods such as field researches, interviews, blueprints, and so on to facilitate further communication with international artists who cannot be in Chengdu personally. Some of these artists will complete their on-site projects in 2021.

The epidemic has not ceased, and A4 Art Museum continues taking efforts on the ARIE project. They are pleased to announce that the A4 International Artist in Residence International Exchange Program in 2021 will also recruit artists, curators, and researchers in residence for 1-3 months. The deadline will be March 15, 2021. According to 3 different residential projects based in Chengdu, Yokohama, and Bangkok, they will provide support such as round-trip air tickets, accommodation, studios, material fees, salons, sharing sessions, etc. Also, the artists will receive professional support from project assistants and the art museum team. During the residence, there will be opportunities to participate in various activities and final exhibitions, dive into local communities, thereby complete a unique residential experience.
Even when confronted with many uncertainties and difficulties, A4 International Artist in Residence International Exchange Program will still focus on the work of experimentation, localization and communication. Same as this year, the result of the residency program in 2021 will also be determined based on actual conditions. If the selected artists cannot make the trip due to force majeure related to the epidemic, A4 Art Museum feels deeply sorry about this, but will actively seek other possible ways to reach cooperation.


During the residence, participating artists should regularly provide materials to LUXELAKES · A4 Art Museum for media release. The artist will have meetings and discuss the process and implementation of the project with the museum's staff at regular intervals. Participators will have the opportunities of an open workshop, academic discussion, salon talk, other educational exchange activities, and the final exhibition.

Studio Information

The ARIE Program space is located in the LUXELAKES Eco-City, which is home to twelve independent artist studios, two public event areas, and one 1230-square-meter exhibition space. There are also eleven apartments in the city for resident artists to use.

Accommodation Information

They currently have 3 apartments that can accommodate 11 artists at a time. An apartment consists of three or four individual rooms, the biggest of which is equipped with a bathroom. The entire apartment shares a kitchen, a meeting room, a balcony, and two bathrooms.

Technical Information

The museum has over 3,500 sqm of space including three floors of independent exhibition space, and 1500 linear square meters of exhibition space, including working areas and functional spaces: a public library, an academic lecture hall, multi-purpose performance hall, children's educational center, residency studios, gift store, cafe, professional art storage area.

Contact information

Tianfu New Area

a4office [at]