Spanish, English
Six weeks to four months
Paid by artist:

Artists require funding for travel, materials, food, transportation, and accommodation. Residents are responsible for their own living expenses, local transportation and meals. Artists need to cover their medical insurance.

Application guidelines:

Please include the following documents in your application:
- Personal information.
- Between 6-10 JPEG files on PDF. Please include title, date, size, media, and brief conceptual intent for each submitted image or group of images.
- CV, including recent and relevant shows, work, and awards.
- Two reference letters.
- Letter of intention.

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Lugar a Dudas

Lugar a Dudas


Through inviting artists to stay at Lugar a Dudas (room for doubts), they strive for dialogue between local and international artists. In the artist in residence program they aim to unite artists from all over the world and offer them a platform for experiment, development and exchange. They offer a platform for discussion, reflection and critic of artistic practice, especially in relation with society. Lugar a Dudas investigates the problematics of social complexities we live in. Their focus is strengthening the art exchange bonds between Colombia and any other countries. Lugar a Dudas is a laboratory for research, confrontation, reflection and critic. A space that, more than trying to become a legitimate or substitute organization for other institutions, privileges research, from its own field. Consequently its programs, events, exhibitions and workshops, aim to make visible problems and discrepancies of the context we live in; to stimulate discussion and support experiences that accompany transformations of the cultural sectors of Cali and the region. The residency program was initiated in 2006. The intention is to offer artist and curators different alternatives to explore new ways of interaction during the creative process. The Residency consists in an interactive space which encourages exchange of ideas and activates experimentation with new concepts and materials. Residencies are based on process with no rigid structure, allowing artists to develop projects in response to their new environment. Visiting artists have the possibility to make contacts with artists, organisations, students and arts professionals in Cali, establishing a mutual exchange of ideas.



While in residence, artists could visit arts schools of the city and give talks. Artists can exhibit all their process experienced at the end of the residency, via an open studio.

Accommodation Information

Residency premises are located a block away from lugar a dudas, in a house in the traditional Granada neighborhood, in Cali. Rooms are provided with a private bathroom, closet and working space. Residents share wide communal areas such as the kitchen, dining room, two workshop spaces, patio and terrace.

Technical Information

Common areas, one with two computers for internet access and wireless connection for free, the documentation center and video-salon. It has also a kitchen, a dining room at the palm garden, and laundry facilities. Residents are supplied with linens and towels by the staff.


Cali is the first city of the department of Valle del Cauca. The city has a population close to 2.400.000 inhabitants and it is located in the southwestern zone of the country.

Contact information

calle 15 norte 8n-41
Cali, ,

lugaradudas [at]