English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
1 to 3 months (shorter stays negotiable)
Paid by host:

Accommodation, electricity, heating (incl. hot water), internet, studio space, personal keys, transportation from the local train station on arrival/departure.

Paid by artist:

Travel costs, food, material, transportation during the stay (bus, train etc), costs relating to presenting the work.

Application guidelines:

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Leveld Kunstnartun

Leveld Kunstnartun

Leveld Art Centre

Leveld Kunstnartun provides a residency programme for professional artists, cultural workers and art curators and critics. The length of each residency stay is usually 1-3 months. The stay is free, however residents are asked to present their project or related topics at an open studio day/ exhibition/ reading/concert or in some other form during their stay. Housing, electricity, heating and Internet is provided by the Kunstnartun. All other costs must be paid for by the residents.


Exhibition, open studio, artist talk, concert, reading, lecture, performance or similar, at the Kunstnartun or in some other local arts venue in the region.

Studio Information

The Leveld Art Centre has three studios and one shared workspace. Each artist in Leveld will get their own studio with private keys. The smaller studio is 10sqm and includes a loom and a shoemaker's machine for work with textiles. In "Låven" (the barn), their multi-purpose building from 2016, they have two spacious and bright studios. One is 25sqm and the other is 50sqm. Both have large windows, tall roofs, wooden panels on walls and floor. In addition, there is a shared workspace with a spacious workbench, a sink and a mini-kitchen. Artist are also welcome to use the old loft of the Norwegian author Jens Bjørneboe for inspiration, writing and recording music.

From 2021 LKT A.i.R. will offer a fully equipped print workshop for our artists in residence.

Accommodation Information

The Leveld Art Centre consists of two houses: The Teacher's House and The Astrid Cottage. The Teacher's House is a renovated 1950s two-storey building with two bedrooms and a total of 4 beds. Facilities: Fully equipped kitchen, living room and dining room and two bathrooms, including washing machine and tumble dryer. In the basement there is a garage possible to use as un-heated workshop. Usually, two artists share the house (one bedroom each), however the house is also suitable for small group projects or families.
The Astrid Cottage is a smaller, one bedroom cottage consisting of a bath room (washing machine and tumble dryer), and a combines kitchen and living room (fully equipped). The cottage is suitable for 1 artist or a couple who are willing to share a smaller house.

Technical Information

Internet access is provided. The artists shall bring their own materials, utensils, PC etc. themselves.


Leveld is a small village in the municipality of Ål in Hallingdal, midway between Oslo and Bergen in the southern part of Norway. Leveld is a mountain village with a special landscape and architecture, with the farms spread out on the sunny side of the valley. Leveld has approximately 300 inhabitants, a primary school and a kindergarten. There are no shops in Leveld, but the bus runs three times a day to Ål centre, where you will find shops, the mail services, a culture house, museums and galleries.

The Leveld Art centre builds on the unique cultural history of the Leveld village. In the 1930’s about twenty artists and some writers dwelled in Leveld appreciating the view, the mountains and the bright, clean air. They stayed in the farms and became part of the community. Agnar Mykle and Jens Bjørneboe were authors staying in Leveld. The notched storehouse which now stands at the Art Centre belonged to Jens Bjørneboe, one of Norway's most beloved writers.

Contact information

3570 Ål

leveld.kunstnartun [at]