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1 to 6 months depending on the proposal
Paid by host:

Le Maupas A.I.R. is a foundation without profit objectives and does not receive any type of subsidy. They encourage residents to acquire funding themselves which can be supported by our policy plan (this can be requested in English, Dutch and French).

Paid by artist:

The contribution covered by the artist will be determined in a consultation with the artist and will depend on the plan of action. The minimal amount is €200 a week. Costs covering the electricity for the ovens and material use will be calculated separately.


Application guidelines:

They expect to receive a plan of action proposed by the artist. The artistic quality, the attainability, the size and the duration of the residency will be determined based on this plan in a consult with the artist.


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Le Maupas A.I.R

Le Maupas A.I.R


Le Maupas A.I.R. is a prominent European ceramic production center and residency for professional artists and ceramists. The workspace can be used for experiments and research. Furthermore, an entire monumental ceramics project, from idea to performance, can be carried out in the workspace. Le Maupas A.I.R. offers their facilities to artists from many different disciplines who want to experience an inspiring exchange of ideas and techniques in a ceramic workroom setting. It is a small organization with room for three to five residents.

The residency programme: The residency comprises a large common workroom with all of the ceramic production facilities necessary (see technical information). Professional counseling for ceramics and sculpturing is available. A residency can take shape in one of the following descriptions:
1. Individual residency focusing on the research and development of the individual artist.
2. A project-based residency where one can appeal to the technical expertise of the counselor.
A distinction between the two is required when the plan of action written at the application is reviewed.


A presentation of the final work and a concise report (photo/video)

Studio Information

Le Maupas A.I.R. offers a ceramics studio (common use) of a 100 m2 with individual work tables and storage space, a designer studio of 60 m2 and a daylight studio and glaze laboratory of a 100 m2

Accommodation Information
  • Four guest rooms: two rooms of 20 m2 and two of 40 m2. The large rooms could be used as bedroom/studio
  • Common modern kitchen including a large stove and dishwasher
  • Parlour/library/presentation room
  • Common bathroom with bath and shower
  • Central heating in the bedrooms and underfloor heating in the parlour, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Scullery including another shower, washing machine and dryer
  • Wireless Internet access
Technical Information
  • Electric Kiln 85 x 85 x 120 cm, Electric Kiln 65 x 65 x 150 cm, Electric Kiln 60 x 60 x 80 cm, 2 testkilns, Gas Kiln 80 x 60 x 150 cm. Dilatometer: All kilns are computer controlled, fine-tuned
  • Mixer for plastic clay, mixer for liquid clay, clay pletter, extruder, Jigger, two electric wheels and a kick wheel
  • Plaster plate
  • Metal circular saw, drill/fraise with cross table, drill, welding equipment, various (electric) hand tools for sculpting, workbench, worktables. Lifting-table, pallet truck, pulley (500 kg.)
  • Glaze laboratory with raw materials and 35 different pigments
  • Different sorts of clay in stock
  • Spray booth
  • Silk screen facilities

Le Maupas is situated ± 200 km south-east from Paris in the Burgundy region (Cote d'Or) at the east side of national park ''The Morvan''; an area filled with lakes and forests. The town of Saulieu, described as the culinary capital of the Burgundy region, is 15 KM away. The old cities Avallon and Vezelay can be found west of Le Maupas, just as the Nievre; a large clay area with towns such as St. Amand and La Borne. An important ceramics center is situated in La Borne, just as a dozen ceramics workrooms. The area on the east side of Le Maupas is a rural area where grazing cows can be found as well as the famous wine regions close to Beaune and Dijon. The beautiful city Autun can be visited south of Le Maupas.


Contact information

Hameau Le Maupas
21430 Sussey (Côte d'Or)

mail [at]