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4 weeks
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The Residence costs 900.00 US$ per artist. Artist must arrange their transportation to Asunción and their food expenses during their stay.

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retreat, collaborative

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Las Aguadas Residencia de Arte

Las Aguadas Residencia de Arte


Espacio E is a cultural centre located in the historic heart of Asunción, housed in a building that dates to the mid-19th century. It opened in 2012 and has been a space for cultural and artistic practice, research and exploration. Until 2022 it focuses on theatre, dance and performing arts, and, starting last year, it opened a new department for visual arts. Among Espacio E's main objectives are collaboration and interdisciplinary work. Espacio E prides itself on offering a much need space in Asunción for creative expression and diversity free from repression.

Las Aguadas Art Residence has been established with the following objectives:

  • Create a community based on respect, exchange, cooperation and creativity.
  • Connect international artists with the artistic and cultural scenes of Paraguay and vice versa.
  • Provide a residence and retreat space that encourages the production of each resident.
  • Promote interdisciplinarity between conventionally separated genres of art.
  • Create lasting bonds and long-term relationships.

This Residence offers two simultaneous quotas in July and September for artists not residing in Paraguay:

1. One for visual arts.
2. One for performing arts.

The Residence will take place in Asunción, in the cultural centre Espacio E, and on a farm called Las Aguadas. The farm is located in a rural area called Kariy Potrero, located between Cordillera and Caaguazú. In this way, resident artists will acquire more complex and in-depth experiences of Paraguay during their stays.


The residents will stay 5 days in Espacio E, then 20 days in Las Aguadas and, finally, 5 days in Espacio E again.
Espacio E is a cultural centre located in the historical centre of Asunción, an area that the residents will explore with the Residence's director in the first five days of the Residence. Las Aguadas is a family-owned cow ranch located approximately 100 km from Asunción in a rural and relatively isolated area. The nearest town, Itacurubí de la Cordillera, is approximately 10 km away. Upon returning to Espacio E from Las Aguadas, residents will have 5 remaining days during which we recommend using the cultural centre to mount a short exhibition, exhibition, workshop, talk or presentation. Each resident can choose which mode to use, within the possibilities offered by the space. This is not obligatory. At the end of the Residence, the residents must take their work with them or send them by mail before leaving.

Studio Information

There is ample space in both Espacio E and Las Aguadas, with working tables and chairs. They encourage resident artists to bring the minimum necessary and basic materials and to source, whenever possible, additional materials from the nature surrounding Las Aguadas.

Accommodation Information

In Espacio E each resident will have a single room. There are two bathrooms with showers available to use.
In Las Aguadas each resident will have a single room with a private bathroom. The two rooms are located in a single large cabin. They will also have access to the pool. They encourage residents to explore the surroundings of their cabin in Las Aguadas, in a safe manner and take precautions against insects, plants and animals.
Transportation to Asunción and food expenses during the stay will be borne by the residents. They will have at their disposal a kitchen and refrigerator in both places. In Las Aguadas they can use a washing machine and dryer.


Las Aguadas is a cow ranch. There are different types of animals: cows, sheep, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, guinea birds, and wild animals. Its rural location means that there will be bugs, toads and frogs. In the coldest months (those of the Residence) the mosquito population is lower, but it is still advisable to protect oneself from them with long sleeves and repellents due to the presence of dengue and chikungunya in Paraguay. The contact with nature in Las Aguadas means that the Residence is not ideal for people with severe allergies or phobias against insects, endemic wild animals and plants or the domestic animals listed above. Likewise, the infrastructure of Las Aguadas will represent a challenge for people in wheelchairs or with mobility challenges

Contact information

Estrella 977
0000 Asunción

Email [at]