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To find out more about the future residency programmes, please contact An Lanntair’s Special Projects Curator Jon MacLeod at [email protected]

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An Lanntair

An Lanntair


An Lanntair’s residency programme is designed to give participants an opportunity for creative research and exploration in a rich and dynamic environment, whether that is at sea or exploring the diverse landscapes of the islands. In addition to this the residencies come with an ethos of supporting the communities that they are based in, utilising local knowledge, services and expertise as well as providing a window into the language and culture of the islands. The aim is to benefit those communities and foster links between them and the wider world, building a greater understanding of island living and the challenges that the people and the ecosystems of the Outer Hebrides and other island Nations face in the Anthropocene – such as climate change, economic sustainability and cultural and linguistic identity.

They aim to provide ‘time out’ from the regular constraints of day to day living and to offer a set of residency experiences that can be research led, production based or exploratory in their nature, supported by our curatorial and technical team as well as creating an opportunity to develop ideas further with our curatorial and programming staff towards exhibiting or performing at An Lanntair.

Mostly through open call applications they have sought to offer a diverse and dynamic range of residencies for artists, writers, musicians and makers often in conjunction with a community, cultural or linguistic thematic such as the An Sùileachan residency or the ‘Muir is Tìr/Land and Sea’ residency, which was loosely inspired by the George Macleod book of the same name. They intend to build further residency opportunities into other aspects of the Visual and Performing Arts Programme and through the Cianalas Dementia Project and to provide more opportunities for local artists to participate in residencies through their Artist Support Scheme, forging links with other residency programmes in Senegal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Faroes.


An Lanntair participates in the 2021 i-Portunus EU Mobility Scheme for artists and cultural professionals.

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