English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Minimum 1 month
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation
  • full artistic and logistical support for research and production stages of the project or work
  • regular supply of staple foods (fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta etc), drinking water and shopping/dining options
  • Full introduction to the local artistic community, cultural press and local stakeholders
  • A well-publicised and professional exhibition of the artist's work
Paid by artist:

1,500 US Dollars per month. Open to negotiation on costs for potential residencies over one month long.

Application guidelines:

Initial contact via e-mail, details to be sent by the organizers

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LA PARED arte contemporáneo

LA PARED arte contemporáneo

LA PARED International Residency Programme

LA PARED's main aim is to promote contemporary art and artists from all over the world to have their voice heard on important issues and generate a positive impact on art's place in civil society. The programme focuses on letting artists develop their work by providing creative, comfortable living and working environments. LA PARED offers a unique opportunity to integrate with the local artistic communities and also the wider community, if that is what the artist needs. The residency organization helpd artists find inspiration and depth for their investigation using local culture, the natural environment or even political or social issues that may interest them and influence or provide a focus for their work.


Artists should produce work or work towards a set project but that is up to them. No pre-defined expectations.

Studio Information

All disciplines are catered for in studio spaces at separate locations from the living accommodations. Tools, equipment and transport of materials and works will be provided for most disciplines.

Accommodation Information

In Colombia, a large apartment with two bedrooms is available.
In Mexico City, a large bedroom as part of a very large apartment (four bedrooms, only ever two of which are occupied at one time) is available.

Duos are accepted. Prices would vary.

Technical Information

Very high-speed Internet at all locations. Local mobile phone connection with Internet credit at all times. Small library of art books in Mexico City. Access to all major local institutions, galleries and relevant artists in both Pereira and Mexico City.

Contact information

Torre Verde 49
Pereira, RIS, 660005

info [at]