English, Croatian, German
4 weeks
Paid by host:

Accommodation, stipend worth 800 EUR

Application guidelines:
  • curriculum vitae (in Croatian, English or German)
  • full address (contact phone and e-mail address)
  • list of published works
  • short description of work plans in Split
  • letter of recommendation from publishers, critics or writers' associations

to be sent at [email protected]

The open call for 2021 has been closed. Please check their website to stay up-to-date for upcoming deadlines.

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KURS Association

KURS Association

Marko Marulić Writers and Translators in Residence

By launching the residency program "Marko Marulić" and developing promotional activities related to the stay of foreign authors and translators, researchers in the fields of literature, visual and audiovisual arts, other performing arts in Split, the Kurs Association aims to enable the introduction of literary, cultural and social opportunities in Croatia, and especially in Split, while at the same time local audiences are introduced to the selected European literary and artistic scene.

The main goal of the programme is to host for a month writers and translators in Split, to introduce them into the cultural life of the city, to organise several presentation of their work and lectures as well. This project intends to be carried out in collaboration and in partnership with other residential centres of Europe especially from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also from Central and Southeastern Europe.


The selected writers and translators, besides working on their books, ought to present their work in front of public from Split within the presentations organised by Kurs organisation as well as to keep a diary of his/her stay. Their works shall be published on KURS site and on the blog dedicated to this programme. The aim is to stimulate the writers and translators to become an active part in the literary and cultural life of the city, by attending various meetings with other colleagues, writers, translators and other artists which are going to be organised during their staying.

Accommodation Information

Furnished apartment in the centre of the town

Contact information

A. Mihanovića 27
21000 Split

maja6v [at]