1 - 2 months
Paid by host:

Studio space located at Kuona Trust. 24h access to the Centre’s facility. He/she will also receive a stipend, travel allowance for local transport and housing during the residency period (2 months).

Paid by artist:

There are two options:

1. Artist In Residence Programme (Self-Funded )
The price for an AIR residency starts at USD 250 per a week and USD 1000 per month. This programme is self-sponsored and hence the artist will have to cater for his/her own materials, transport, and living expenses. This opportunity offers preferential space for professional artists who are able to finance their own residency at the Kuona Trust centre for a period of two or months. Kuona will arrange accommodation and studio space for the artists and facilitate their stay in the city.

2.Tafaria Artist Residency (Sponsored)
Each residency lasts for a period of 4 to 8 weeks with a materials budget of USD 100 per month.

The Tafaria cHub (creative hub) artists-in-residence programme is a reflective community based residency.The programme acts as a creative incubator that identifies local talent in the community and provides mentorship through a paired residency programme with established visual and performance artists, crafters, designers and writers.The artists are encouraged to create community-based arts projects and work with the targeted local community to facilitate a creative process that enables participants to express their needs, aspirations, inspirations, identity or sense of place. The residency programme is aimed at introducing art and creativity as alternative means of livelihood in this rural community.


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Kuona Trust

Kuona Trust


The Kuona Trust Arts Centre shares a commitment to raising the awareness and understanding of contemporary art and celebrating diverse cultures and viewpoints through its residency, exhibition and education programs. Each year, 2 artists are selected to be in residence at the Centre with the objective of providing meaningful interactions with the community through collaboration, outreach and innovative programming. Kuona Trust offers artists an amazing opportunity to experience the vibrant cultural and visual arts scene of Nairobi as well as experience in working with a dynamic group of artists. The programme is open to artists working in any medium who are inspired by a diverse global culture, committed to artistic investigation, and are interested in community engagement.


All artists in residence are expected to produce a body of work that will be exhibited at the end of the residency period. The artist is expected to submit a written report at the end of the residency. Kuona Trust also requires that the resident donate one of his art pieces to go into the centre’s private art collection.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation is in a guest house with sitting room, TV, own kitchen and shared garden.


Kuona Trust offers the opportunity to experience the vibrant, rapidly growing visual arts scene of Nairobi. With the recent opening of 3 new art galleries, the city is filled with the bustle and momentum that infects artists and audiences alike. Nairobi’s art scene is quickly growing to one of the busiest visual-art hubs in the region.

Contact information

PO Box 4802, Nyayo Stadium

info [at]