Norwegian, English, Dutch, German
1-3 months
Paid by host:

You are supported with free accomodation and studio, and the opportunity to live and work in a safe and quiet environment.

Paid by artist:

All visiting artists must pay a fee of 1000 NOK (approx 100 EURO) per month to KH Messen in order to cover electricity and water. All other expenses such as living costs, travel, materials and insurance must be covered by the artist.

Application guidelines:

Artists must apply using the online application form. In addition to the personal information required in the form, all artists must submit a project plan for their stay in Messen, and a link to CV and previous work.


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Kunstnarhuset Messen

Kunstnarhuset Messen

KH Messen

The main purpose of the artist in residency is individual artistic development. The organisers wish to create an environment where artists can meet each other both regionally and internationally. Workshops, seminars, artist meetings, artist talks, exchange programs and artistic development are measures to strengthen the development of the artistic environment. Various events also give the opportunity to promote art and artistic projects locally and regionally.

Kunstnarhuset Messen is a workplace and a venue for regional artists and guest artists. There is a huge interest from artists all over the world to stay and work at Messen. The beautiful fjord landscape has attracted artists to Hardanger for centuries, and Messen is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery in full. The international artistic environment is attractive for regional artists. There are about 5 regional artists who have their studio in the house.
Kunstnarhuset Messen is historically a part of the local community, and they cooperate with local organizations and people to strengthen the local bond and communication through art. At Kunstnarhuset Messen they maintain a daily life routine. The host with his wife and children live and work at the 2nd floor of the building. At Messen they support a lifestyle where work and other activities takes place during the day, and rest at night.


It is important to the organisers that the artist will be given the opportunity to realize their artistic project. Kunstnarhuset Messen encourages the artist to give one or more presentations of their work during the stay. This can be coordinated with Hans and the other artists present at the time. The artist might also be asked to participate in educational workshops for local children and youths.

Studio Information

Each artist will be given a separate large studio where they can fully engage in their work, undisturbed.

Accommodation Information

Single artists will be given a separate small sleeping room with a bed, chair and table. Artist couples can apply to stay together in the larger appartment. Bathrooms/showers and kitchen are shared with the other artists staying in the house. There is usually 5 artists staying in the house at the same time, in addition to 5 local artists who have their studios in KH Messen.

Technical Information

There is a variety of hand tools and equipment in the house that can be used by the artists. In adddition to the separate studios given to each artist, there is a workspace for photography, a room well suited for experimenting with music and sound and a printing room with a graphic press/printing press.

Kunstnarhuset Messen has a very large outside area/garden which can be used for projects upon request.


Kunstnarhuset Messen is located by the fjord of Hardanger, in the small town of Ålvik. Nearest city is Bergen, located 2 hours drive away from KH Messen. Nearest aiport BGO Flesland, outside of Bergen.

Contact information

Ålvikvegen 1045
5614 Ålvik

post [at]