german, english, russian, armenian
1 to three months or case by case
Paid by artist:

The artist have to pay 170 Euro per week for the residency. Additionally, the artist has to cover his/her travel, subsistence, material, and other costs.

Application guidelines:

Inquiries you can send by email to [email protected] and alternative to [email protected] This is the adress of Narine Zolyan,curator and artist, who can answer you questions and make the selections. Also look her site:

no deadline - working on case by case

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Kunst Asyl

Kunst Asyl


The basic idea is to make a “Culture-Integration-Dialogue” with different artists of the lands out of Europe and inside Europe. The hosts want to activate this little town of Quedlinburg in art. This town have now only a very long history of middleaged kings residences and old architecture. Many people are workless or were gone after opening the German-German borderline. In actual time only commercial interests, tourism, and the typical capitalismus effects of to have no money and a consciousness only about money, work and television rules the minds of the people.

This is a humanistic project against: Consumerism, Stereotypes, Separation ……. of people and values. This project wants to connect well-minded-persons together. This project wants to bring back the values of humanism in our Post-Modernism time.

The resident artist have the possibility to research the visiting region of middle-east Germany in context of the German east-west-conflict and the contemporary situation now.

The resident artist have to work about:

  • global “Integration”, human universal values
  • local “After the Wall against the Border”, research about the local history

This art residence is a first step to bring together different artists for later concerted work in this subject in a bigger “Culture-Integration-Project” with (in actual time now) partners in Russia and Armenia.

About the host: Narine Zolyan is an artist with more than hundered exhibitions and curator in twenty different art projects, exhibitions and biennals, in this works of children and culturologic schoolprojects with students about “tree of the world”, “modernism”, and so on. 18 Years education works in normal and higher schools, 6 Years higher stuff for scientific work in the Ervard Kochar Museum Erevan, Member of the UNESCO artists community TCXP “International Federation of Artists, professional and creative Union of Artists and Graphic Designers and National Artists Union of Russia”

Studio Information

The rooms are in the second floor of our old house. The working room,sized little more than 4m x 4m x 3m if needed, can be used for all NORMAL works what are possible in a living house, also for small exhibitions. NOT for hard works with stone or all the day dancing and so on. In the ground floor we have a small workshop for wooden handcraftswork, what can be used

Accommodation Information

There is a accommodation with bed 200 x 140 cm, bedlinen, hand-towels, small kitchen with cooking place, waterboiler, refrigerator, shower and toilet.


Quedlinburg is a middleaged UNESCO heritage town in the land Sachsen-Anhalt in Germany with 22000 inhabitants.

Contact information

Kaiser Otto Strasse 36
06484 Quedlinburg

schindler [at]