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Paid by host:

Funding during the residency in 2023: The organisers have secured funding for accommodation and a workshop area. They provide travel support for the least expensive and most nature-friendly way of traveling. Tell them if your travel will be expensive. They have funding for an artist fee of NOK 10,000. (All amounts will be paid in relevant value in your country. The numbers may be changed due to the increasing prices in Norway and possibly less support). Possibilities for additional income during your stay in 2023:

  • A one-day workshop with classes from Kjerringøy School, 1st – 10th grade, or at Nord University. You will be paid NOK 5000.
  • 1 – 2 artist talks at Bodø Art Association’s gallery and/or at Kjerringøy Trading Post. You will receive NOK 2000.

Funding for 2024: At present, they can guarantee an individual payment of NOK 30,000 after the opening 6th – 7th July. The organisers have two more years to build on this support. If you have the possibility of applying for individual funding, you are recommended to do so.

Application guidelines:

All applications must be submitted to this e-mail address: [email protected]. When submitting your application, the following documents must be attached (max. 15MB in total):

  • Artist statement (max. 500 characters)
  • Motivation for applying (max. 1500 characters)
  • CV with a link to your website
  • Artist biography (max. 300 characters)
  • Documentation of previous, relevant projects: image, video, sound, text, portfolio, etc. (max. 10 works) with links/texts, 1 per project.
  • Mention what genre of workshop you might do with pupils (optional).
  • The organisers also have contact with and ambitions of working with Nord University in Bodø. If you are comfortable with giving lectures at a university level, they are interested in hearing about your topics, or longer artist talks (optional).

Use this mail for questions and for sending your application: [email protected]. If you are accepted into the Biennale programme, they will have personal contact concerning the further practicalities of traveling, finances, and so on.


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Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale 2023/24

Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale 2023/24


Professional, international artists are invited to apply to come and make place-specific land art projects in the stunning region of Kjerringøy in Northern Norway. The Biennale is an interdisciplinary arena where ecology and mindful interaction with nature are explored. The work is to explore and interact with the place and the natural and biodegradable materials available there, and investigate, transform, alter, reflect or commune with these on-site. The activities should not contain any artificial materials and should be made in mindful ways with respect for the place and its inhabitants, creatures great and small. The work will integrate with the landscape or be temporary and gradually decompose.

K-Lab is part of the European Capital of Culture 2024 in Bodø
For this occasion, K-Lab has a special programme: the selected artists are invited to stay for two longer periods – early summer 2023 and 2024. The idea is that each artist plan and develops a site-specific work of art to be ready for presentation in summer 2024. K-Lab expects each of the artists to prepare a public presentation. In this project, each artist will have about 2 x 5 weeks onsite, working with both concepts and materials. K-Lab is also offering workshops for the artists, focusing on local materials and traditional crafts.
This particular edition of Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale will have the qualities both of the previous biennials and of the newly established Kjerringøy Artist in Residence. K-Lab will meet travel costs, accommodation and an artist fee, as well as a few other opportunities for income.
Professional artists, architects, performers etc. can apply. The final number of artists will be between 6 and 8. In 2022, K-Lab is still working to improve the project budget and minor things may change along the way.

  • The first stay Artist in Residence 2023 will be from1st May until 25th June: The artists will be split into 2 groups. The first arriving on May 1st and staying for 5 weeks, the second arriving on May 22nd, also for 5 weeks. This makes an overlap of two weeks when all the artists live together and get to know each other. This is also when the artists get 2 workshops with professional craftspersons pursuing traditional crafts: 3 days with basket- making techniques using natural, found materials, 3 days with a boatbuilder, and ‘lafting’ – traditional housebuilding techniques without the use of nails.
  • Homeworking 2023/20424: The organisers plan and hope to provide an artist fee covering 2 weeks’ work at your home studio.
  • The second stay is focused on producing and finishing the artwork during the Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale 2024: Starting 1st June-5th July 2024. Within the two first weeks you present your project public during a mini-seminar in Bodø or at Kjerringøy. You will also present your own work at the official opening on site. K-Lab will arrange to get assistants and professional helpers within our budget.The official opening is in collaboration with Bodø 2024, European Capital of Culture.
Accommodation Information

The organisers are renting Kjerringøy Prestegård [Vicarage] for this occasion. You'll have separate rooms in the cozy, furnished barn, and studios are in the main house.


​Kjerringøy is a place of outstanding natural beauty. The landscape is steeped in the wilderness and is breathtakingly beautiful with dramatic mountains, woodlands and marshlands, lowland and highland lakes and rivers deltas meeting fjords and the sea all around. The area has a great variety of wild flora and fauna, which makes a spectacular setting for just being and making creative and land-based work.
The population of the Kjerringøy region is close to 500 people but attracts many summer visitors.

Contact information

Kjerringøyveien 87
8093 Kjerrengøy

apply.klab [at]