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2 weeks up to 3 months
Paid by host:

1. Thematic residency programmes - free for selected applicants. In certains cases (depending on specific open call) the programme includes meals.

2. Residency for individual projects - selected applicants get a reduced fee for accommodation: a single room costs 20 eur/night; a double room costs 25 eur/night per person, 14eu/night per person in case 2 persons are hosted; and a triple room is 40 eur.

According to individual financial situation of the applicant and the total duration of the stay, the prices can be negotiated before the arrival.

Paid by artist:

Food, travelling expenses and in case of individual residencies, accommodation.

Application guidelines:

Applicants, willing to apply are invited to submit:

- CV;
- Porfolio;
- Motivational letter, describing the individual project to be developed during the residency, applicant’s goals to be achieved during the stay as well as their motivation to come to Kintai (in case of applying to residency for individual projects) ; Motivational letter, describing how their practice corresponds the theme of the residency (in case of thematic residency);
- Arrival and departure dates (in case of applying to residency for individual projects);
- Any specific conditions related to accommodation and workspace.

The application should be sent to: [email protected]


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Kintai Arts Residency

Kintai Arts Residency


Kintai Arts art space is an artistic initiative in a rural location which provides a forum for all artistic branches and interdisciplinary work, encouraging encounters with contemporary art forms outside of urban cultural centers. Interaction and intervention between art and the local community and environment where it is practiced as a significant aspect of the project. This is an independent non-profit project. The name Kintai Arts is derived from the town name Kintai where the residency was established. The residency program started in 2016.

Kintai Arts residency offers two types of residency programs:

1. Residency programmes for individual projects, inviting all type of creative field practitioners, curators, writers and researchers to live in the residency while focusing on their individual projects, research and artistic contemplation. Residencies take 2 weeks up to 3 months for individual projects residencies.

2. Curated residencies, inviting all type of creative field practitioners, curators, writers and researchers to participate in thematic residency, mentored by local and international professionals of various artistic fields. The topics evolving around curated residencies include ecology, science, reflexion on relevant sociopolitical topics, overall focusing on interdisciplinary collaborations between different contemporary art fields. The open calls are launched 2 times per year. The curated residencies take 1 month.

Open Call for individual projects

Kintai Arts is delighted to announce an Open Call for artists, curators, writers and researchers working in the cultural field to apply for a residency programme offering workspace and accommodation to develop individual projects. The duration of the stay can vary from 2 weeks to 1 month. The programme will take place from 1st to 31st May 2022. The residency dwells in a former school of Kintai town. Situated in the coastline of Curonian Lagoon, Kintai is surrounded by unique historical heritage and a picturesque nature. The residency programme offers full accommodation and space for work in serene and rural surrounding.

Following the requirements and restrictions of the Lithuanian Health Ministry, all selected applicants arriving to the residency, must provide a proof that they are not sick with Covid-19 when arriving to the residency (this can be a negative test result, a vaccination record, etc.).

For more detailed information, please visit:


Immersion in local artistic community, network with Lithuanian cultural institutions, exhibitions and publications as well as public events and presentations at the end of each residency.

Studio Information

Kintai Arts offers a shared workspace and a gallery space as well as personal spaces for any type of artistic research related work.

Accommodation Information

Kintai Arts residency includes fully equipped single studios, double rooms and triple rooms with shared communal area, workspaces and shared kitchen. Certain rooms has an individual kitchenette. The studios are fully furnished and equipped with WiFi.


Kintai Arts artspace is based in a former school of Kintai and other buildings of the communal institutions. It is situated in the Pomeranian region of the Curonian Lagoon (Klaipeda region, Silute municipality) and situated in the rural environment on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon near the peninsula of Curonian Spit and Vente Cape.

Contact information

Ramioji g. 8
99358 Kintai

info [at]