Finish, Swedish, English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
One week to one year
Paid by artist:

The artist must cover all expenses for traveling, food and accommodation. The organizers will assist with transportation from Jyväskylä to Järvilinna.

  • Price for accommodation is 65 €/room/week or 250 €/room/month. It includes water, use of sauna and laundry room.
  • Working in permanent artist's studios by agreement 10-20 €/day.
  • Rent for studios: exhibition rooms 125 €/month.
  • Studio for wet work 120 €/month.
  • Room for clean work 120 €/month.
Application guidelines:

Send an application to [email protected] with:

  • few pictures of your work ( resolution 72 ),
  • CV
  • short description about you, your work and what would you like to do in the residency.
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Kauko Sorjonen Foundation

Kauko Sorjonen Foundation

Residency of Artcenter Järvilinna

In the artcenter there are 10 permanent artists, who have their own studios in the area. Visitors can co-operate with them, work in their studios and get new contacts and experiences with other artists from all around the world. Visitors can rent a studio for their own work or co-operate with the permanent artists. There are printmaking-, glass-, ceramic- and blacksmith studios, casting studio, and a few painters, a writer, a mosaic artist and a sculptor.

There is a park around the artcenter, a lake and a boat, and lots of quiet places to meditate or concentrate on your own projects. The organizers provide accommodation, exhibition rooms and studios to all professional artist. This residency suits the best for visitors, who are seeking for peace and tranquility.


One public presentation of the artists work during their residency - it can be a lecture, a video, an exhibition, an open-table-show etc.

Studio Information
  • One studio for wet materials as clay or paint. There are tables, chairs, sink and a toilet.
  • Four exhibition rooms, which can be used also for working with dry materials as drawing, painting or writing.
  • One room for dry materials or writing.
Accommodation Information

Six (6) furnished rooms. In every room there is a bed, tables and chairs, lamp, radio and closet. Mattress, blanket and pillow in every room. Room door can be locked. Three (3) rooms both in downstairs and upstairs, and a common toilet, bath and a kitchen in both floors. Kitchens has basic dishes and toilet papers are included.
Couples are also accepted.

Technical Information

In co-operation with the permanent artists, visitors can work in printmaking-, glass-,ceramics- or blacksmith studios or with cast master.


Artcenter Järvilinna is in the countryside, 15 km from Jyväskylä, in Middle Finland. There are some bus connections from Järvilinna to nearest cities. There are 4 km to the nearest food shop.

Contact information

Järvilinnantie 213
41330 Vihtavuori

jarvilinna [at]