Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian and English
3 months
Paid by host:

Jiser covers travel expenses, accommodation and studio. There is also a small grant for the cost of production and they take care as well of the organization of the exhibition.

Paid by artist:

The artist must give a work at the end of the residency and be available to give a workshop and take part in other mediation activities with the local context such as presentations, talks, etc.

Application guidelines:

The artists are selected by open call. The programme is aimed at young artists (under 35 years). The selection committee is composed by two members of Jiser, one of each collaborating organisation and an invited professional (artist, curator or cultural manager).

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JISER Reflexions Mediterrànies

JISER Reflexions Mediterrànies


Jiser Reflexions Mediterranies was born in 2004 in Tunis and jumped to Barcelona in 2005 promoted by a group of young artists and researchers. Their main goal is to encourage cultural exchange in between Mediterranean countries, focusing specially in artistic practices.

In 2010, Jiser built up a residency program of three months with two different locations: Barcelona and Tunis.

The programme objective is to allow artists to deepen their work and its perception into a different context. The artists learn and experiment with the new environment of the host city.



At the end of the residency there is an exhibition of the work done and the publication of a catalogue.

Studio Information

The workspace in Barcelona is located in the headquarters of the association Jiser in Poblenou and in the workshops of the Centre Cívic Fort Pienc.
 In Tunis the workspace is located at the Centre des Arts Vivants of Rades (15 km awya from Tunis) together with the accommodation space.

Accommodation Information

In Barcelona the artist is housed in a room in a shared flat. In Tunis, the living and working spaces are together in the Centre des Arts Vivants of Rades.

Contact information

Carrer de Pallars 375, 2º 6ª
08019 Barcelona B

xdeluca [at]