English, Spanish
2 weeks to 1 year
Paid by host:

The organizers provide lunch 5 days a week.

Paid by artist:

The Residency Fee varies by length of stay for specified accommodations requested or awarded (10% discounts for longer stay and/or during low season May-November), plus lunch (5 days a week), plus workspace and all specified program activities. Please consult their website for specifics pricing on Cabins / Lofts / Rooms.

Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective offers a limited number of support stipends/scholarships to visual artists and writers. The stipends cover, depending on the grant received (100% - 50% - 30%), 1 meals (lunch) per day and accommodation are provided.

The selected artists are responsible for all extra personal living expenses, travel and insurance costs, telephone and any other expenses during their stay.

Application guidelines:

Email your application to [email protected], with the following documents:

  • Filled out artist application
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Letter of interest, outlining your specific interest in working with Jaguar Luna and how your participation will affect your practice and the Center’s mission
  • Names and email addresses of three personal or professional references – please no actual letters of reference.
  • Documentation of recent works
  • $25 processing fee

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Jaguar Luna Arts Collective

Jaguar Luna Arts Collective

Jaguar Luna Center of Imagination

Jaguar Luna Arts Collective is an organization based in Costa Rica. They strive to integrate visiting artists with a place to dive into ´deep space´ with their muse as well as ´give back´ to the planet for the materials they use. They also invite in artists to share their talents with locals in this culturally impoverished area where no arts are taught in schools. The organizers believe art is a way to raise consciousness and liberate democracy in the world - a tool to create better lives. Artists are the newspapers of our world.

The residency is on a site designed by an artist, and built by locals who receive profit sharing and paid vacations/leave. It is surrounded by an organic food forest and a lush river. The residency is ready to integrate all arts... the full spectrum artist, film, sculpture (primitive/indigenous style), writing, dance, culinary, garden design, music, painting/murals (in pueblos) anything that makes the world more beautiful for all life.


Interaction with the ecology of the area and/or with the locals by teaching a class or offering a lecture on your art.

Studio Information

The cabins are large enough for sleeping and studio space. There is a workshop for clay, wood and construction art. There is a dance studio above dorm style rooms and an outdoor ampitheatre with dressing room. There is a studio space in the main building and a screened-in kiosk for photography and any general outdoor art. There is also an elevated bamboo platform for writers and observation or painting.

Accommodation Information

They offer various private residencies, or shared: 2 private cabins; 1 loft with workshop; 2 apartments; 4 separate dorm-style rooms and camping.

Contact information

Calle Progresso
Agua Buena
Costa Rica

jaguar777colibri [at]