English, Greek, Arabic, German, French
1-6 months
Paid by host:

Artists Year Grants: The Grants policy of the Ionion Center provides every year 30.000 euros in grants for the participants of the International program, selections based on the formality/completion of the application/residency process, the innovation, global focus, educational aspects and value of the realized during the year projects.

SEA(S)FORUM Grants: The Ionion Center in support to the SEA(S)FORUM offers every year 50.000 euros in residencies/exhibitions/ research etc. opportunities for the SEA(S)participants. Terms and conditions based on the formality/completion of the application/participation in the forum process.

Paid by artist:
  • travel expenses
  • insurance
  • art material for personal projects
  • application /registration fee
  • residency fees
Application guidelines:

Please use the web application form and email it to: [email protected]


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Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture

Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture


The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture is an institution operating in the fields of education, arts and research. It is based in Metaxata, Island Kefalonia, in the middle of the Mediterranean- Ionian Sea-Western Greek Prefecture.The island is accessible by air, directly connected to the main European cities from April to November. Since its establishment the institution supports a broad plan of activities on all disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts and music, literary arts, new technologies, advanced academic study and research, archaeology, anthropology, history, art history, classic studies, poetry, literature and philosophy, art preservation – restoration, protection of the natural environment and the cultural heritage. A Grants program of each year applies for all the above sectors.

The residency program of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, through its operation in both the academic, artistic and also social sector, is committed- and thus known for its contribution- to connecting Greece /Mediterranean with the international art & sciences c ommunity, through a program in arts and sciences, including advanced research opportunities as well as innovative programs, working on the sustainability and protection of the natural, cultural, social environment. The residency program is open, international, running all round the year, supporting/advancing high level artistic- scientific research and creation projects. It is inviting and connecting artists and scientists, curators, art factors , schools and institutions from around the Globe. The aim is the exchange of knowledge, creation, artistic expertise, innovation, social awareness and performance.


The Ionion Center is supporting new advanced forms of creation, also pursuing connectivity with the local communities in the fields of the residents expertise and activities [artists, researchers, scientists, archaeologists, architects and so on] and also to connecting them through its international network with academic institutions and forums. The Center supports the establishment of strong international projects, promoting the artists and their organizations. Exhibitions, conferences, presentations, performances, lectures, open studios, master classes, workshops, social involvement, international advertising, academic connectivity, media opportunities are offered to the artists as formal part of their residency program.

Studio Information
  • Studio for visual arts, personal or shared, according the case and availability (subject to early enrolment).
  • Teaching rooms for 10 - 120 students fully equipped
  • Amphitheater / Theater 120 seats fully equipped with projection-lighting- sound systems
  • 2 level Exhibition halls
Accommodation Information

The accommodation areas are part of the infrastructure of the Center, but having independence. In all cases as basics are offered:

  • A personal room + bathroom, fully equipped and having room service every day.
  • 24 hours high speed internet access, free use of laundry, kitchen personal or shared (depending on the space preference), garden access or balcony, studio for art creation and personal support.

Every day full breakfast is served. During the day and night there are always free and available in the kitchen snacks, sweets, tea, coffee, milk, juices, fruits, pies, pizzas and basic goods. Specific services apply upon request with extra costs.

Technical Information

The space is a complex 850 sq.m. fully equipped for educational needs and art creation-exposition, exhibitions, presentations, performances, conferences, social events, ceremonies etc. Technician is available upon request with extra cost, according the needs of the case. All the areas are accessible and safe for people with special needs.
The space is fully insured but the visitors are obligated to have their life, travel, art works insurance.

Contact information

28100 Kefalonia island

info [at]