English, German
2 weeks
Paid by host:
  • Free use of the 165sqm studio and adjoining spaces within the one-week residency
  • Workspace in the Media Library for Dance and Theatre and professional advice on research approaches
  • Access to the technical equipment available at STUDIO2 (see the full list here) including the necessary technical introductions plus the opportunity to rent external technical equipment
  • Documentation of the residency process and/or results
  • Organisational and content-related support as agreed and required
  • Compensation of 600 Euros for each residency artist
  • Attendance allowance of up to 300 Euros each as well as a mobility grant of up to 100 Euros each for those who will travel to Berlin (in accordance to the BRKG)
  • Limited financial support for technical equipment costs
Paid by artist:

Travel costs and accommodation.

Application guidelines:


Application to the residency:

  • Presentation of the artistic research concept with a clear and feasible research question on max. 1 page (approx. 2.000 characters). Your research concept should focus on the artistic research process including a comprehensible description of how the application of digital technologies can be integrated into your work.
  • Short vitae of all applicants (approx. 600 characters per person)
  • List of technical needs (what do you bring/what do you need)

Please send the application for the STUDIO2 x tanz:digital Residency as a PDF document to [email protected] with the subject: „STUDIO2 x tanz:digital Residency - [NAME]“ no later than 27 March 2023.

Applications can be sent in English and German.


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International Theatre Institute - German Centre (ITI)

International Theatre Institute - German Centre (ITI)


Located in the heart of Berlin, STUDIO2 is an artistic centre for exploring performative, documentary and interdisciplinary ideas as well as for teaching artistic techniques at the interface of dance, theatre and performance. STUDIO2 is often the starting point for new artistic experiments and productions presented on Berlin's stages. By combining artistic research and practice, STUDIO2 offers the opportunity to consider and discuss theatrical approaches in the context of engaging with theatre theory, technology and archival practice. STUDIO2 is part of the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). As an interest group for the performing arts, the ITI – German Centre is committed to their free development and the preservation of the diversity of their forms of expression. It provides and organises advisory services, festivals, symposiums, and publications on the performing arts in national and transnational contexts and works in national and international committees. The ITI – German Centre develops its own projects in the fields of theatre and dance, cultural education, cultural heritage, and the culture and creative industries, and is also an information and documentation centre for the performing arts in Germany.



The residency programme is aimed at facilitating open artistic research on a self-selected theme in the field of dance, performing arts, and performance (also interdisciplinary).
During the residency, a public event should take place that offers insights into the working process. The form of this presentation is up to the artist(s).

Studio Information

STUDIO2 is a 165 sqm (11 x 15 m / 4.40 m high) and bright rehearsal space with large windows on the second floor of Kunstquartier Bethanien. The light linoleum floor and white walls make the studio a suitable place for rehearsal development and experimental formats.

Accommodation Information

They are currently unable to offer any financial support in the form of scholarships, reimbursement of travel expenses or accommodation. It is also not possible to live in STUDIO2 or other ITI premises during the residency. However, the organisers are happy to assist in finding accommodation.

Technical Information

A sound system with mixing console and CD player as well as RCA connection is available. Lighting equipment can be provided on request. The organisers will be happy to advise you on this. Chairs and floor cushions can be used. Theater curtains in black and white for blackout are available.
A separate checkroom is available. Storage space is limited. Sanitary facilities (WC and shower) are available.

Contact information

Mariannenplatz 2

studio2 [at]