1-2 months
Paid by host:

Hordaland Kunstsenter covers the guest’s travel costs, provides accommodation and a work space, and offers a stipend to help offset the high cost of living in Norway. HKS facilitates introductions to the local art scene and provides administrative and, where possible, logistical support for more specialized or subject-specific research.

Paid by artist:

Hordaland Kunstsenter does not cover shipping of materials or of any artworks or objects produced or collected during the guest’s stay. Similarly any production materials are for the guest’s own account. Hordaland Kunstsenter does not cover the costs of travel within Norway unrelated to the guest’s arrival or departure.

Application guidelines:

Applications are to be sent as one combined PDF document to [email protected].

  • CV
  • Motivation letter / intentions / use of time
  • 5 slides max of recent / relevant projects

Applications are accepted in English only, to accommodate the international jury members. However, language proficiency is not a criteria for evaluation by the jury. Applications are assessed and chosen by a jury on the basis of merit, and the ability Hordaland kunstsenter has to support the proposed research or project.

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Hordaland Art Centre

Hordaland Art Centre


Since 1987, Hordaland Kunstsenter has hosted an artist in residence programme, offering an apartment and a work space for the residents. The guests receive a scholarship, and traveling expenses are paid. Residencies usually last for a month. The residency is open to international artists, curators, critics, art researchers and other art professionals. The residency is supported by Hordaland County Council. It is Hordaland Kunstsenter's objective to strengthen and further artistic cooperation both within the local arena and internationally. The centre hosts regular seminars, talks and exhibitions, and participating residents are also expected to give a public presentation related to their practice in a format of their choosing.

In 2022, Hordaland Kunstsenter will focus its artist-in-residency programme on curatorial practices in all iterations; for those working independently, interdependently or as part of an institution.

This year the residency program will function as an opportunity to encourage institutional collaboration, international exchange and initiate discussions on how to support one another in terms of working models, perspectives and tool building.

This residency model opens up a wealth of resources for both regional artists and invited residents, expanding their international networks and invites new perspectives from practitioners engaging in dialogue with the Bergen cultural scene.

Applications across various curatorial disciplines will be accepted, including, but not limited to those in publishing, dance, visual arts, social practice and performance.

The residency program is structured around the availability of the selected candidates and there are no concrete time slots. The first residency is anticipated to be set around February 2022 and on average 7 residents per year are hosted. The majority of residents are invited to undertake a month long stay in Bergen.


It is expected that the resident visitor gives a public presentation/talk at Hordaland Kunstsenter during their stay.

Studio Information

Hordaland kunstsenter cannot provide a studio in all situations. If absolutely relevant, Hordaland kunstsenter will arrange a studio for the residency guest to work in, but the majority of their residents utilize the guest apartment for this purpose. Guests are expected to bring their own computer and other tools necessary for their work during the residency.

Accommodation Information

The guests stay in a quiet residential area just a few minutes walk from the art centre which is situated in downtown Bergen. The one bedroom self-catering apartment is furnished and equipped with a TV and Wi-Fi and has a fully functioning kitchen and spacious living room.

Contact information

Klosteret 17
5005 Bergen

scott [at]