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3 to 6 months
Paid by host:

HECTOLITRE covers 50% of the accommodation costs, and offers studio, communication, networking and possibility to engage the building or intersect the coexisting projects. HECTOLITRE has no budget allocated for production, but will assist with available material and a help will come from professional community working and living in-situ.

Paid by artist:

Selected participants are invited to provide the following 50% of the accommodation and studio costs, which is 200 Euro/month for the smaller private room and 400 Euro/month for the big private room. HECTOLITRE provides an invitation letter, but cannot search for external residency funding.

Application guidelines:

In order to answer the open call, please prepare the following info/documents, and email to [email protected] with the subject: “Residence of Reflection”:

  • Portfolio ( visual or writing; .pdf or the URL)
  • CV (.pdf or the URL)
  • Project idea/intention (.pdf; 300 words max)
  • Time period (specify the period you apply for)

Availability: Two places starting from 01/03/2022 and 01/04/2022 (big private rooms)

Ongoing deadline. Availability: Aug 01 - residency of 3 to 6 months; Sep 01 - residency of 3 and 3-6 months
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Residence of reflection

Hectolitre is a space dedicated to artists who wish to delve deeper into their projects, experiment with transdisciplinarity and connect their art form/research to the neighborhood. The artists living and working at HECTOLITRE are co-joining interconnected community rings, together with involved neighbors, socio-cultural activists, local and international artists/curators.

Hectolitre is also an unusual building in the heart of the Marolles neighborhood undergoing a radical change of identity. Former swingers club, then storage for antiques, the space is filled with peculiar Art Brut interventions, resembling a kind of «memory forest». The visually and symbolically complex surrounding is not perceived as an obstacle, but rather as a living system who accepts, associates, questions and experiences. Hectolitre hosts exhibitions, performances, musical encounters, film projections, debates and other initiatives; the complementarity among its artists, curators, creatives and neighbors inhabits the place and catalyzes exchange.

About the residency
Residence of Reflection is a three to six months long residency programme dedicated to research artists, curators, writers, critics and thinkers interested in working in Brussels. Eight international artists/curators have participated in Residence of Reflection during years of 2019-2021: Belén Charpentier (Argentina), Federica Buzzi (Italy), Patrice Qi (Netherland), Leïla Guinnefollau (France), Anna Ill (Spain), Danielle Freakley (Australia/Seychelles), Federica Fantini (Italy) and Naama Freedman (Israel).
The residency is an opportunity to work in a hybrid art space, prototype, experiment, reflect and interact with professional community, city, peculiar memory of the space, and beyond.

Candidate's profile
- There is no specific medium or discipline, but writing, audio/video, performance-based works are preferred.
- There is no subject or method preference, but portfolios rendering contextual and participatory reflection, as well as a research approach, will have advantage.
- The residency is open to people from all over the world, within the travel possibility defined by actual sanitary measures at Belgium.


The research should be an independent and site-specific initiative, adjusted for a 3 to 6 months residency, but resulting in a concrete reflection communicated publicly through a talk, performance, installation or screening (depending on the actual sanitary situation).

Studio Information

- Common working and living spaces are located on the 3rd floor with desk space, kitchen, meeting rooms, edit room, toilet and access to rooftop terrace. The venues are shared with a small community of artists and cultural operators who are working at Hectolitre. Additional shared working spaces include Trait d’Union (open community space at ground-level), Reactor and garden, depending on the nature of the work and project.
- Nighttime residency space is located on the 4th floor. There are two big private rooms with a balcony (30m2) and one small private room of 12m2. Shared bathroom and a toilet is shared only with residents on the 4th floor.

Accommodation Information

Artists/thinkers-in-residence will have a cozy room in a flat-share with two other artists, access to a rooftop and other common venues (kitchen, meeting rooms, edit room) within the Studio Hectolitre, a hybrid living&working space oriented toward art, culture and film.

Technical Information

An atypical building with venues adaptable to shared studios, exhibitions, performing arts, encounters and presentation, vitrine art, co-working. The project’s audio-video equipment and material is available for use (projectors, sound system, podcast system, power tools, etc.)


Artists/thinkers-in-residence will have access to private working space at Trait d’Union (open community space), or a desk-based working station, depending on the nature of the work. Residency takes place at Studio Hectolitre, an hybrid living&working space oriented towards art, culture and film which is found on the 3rd and 4th floor.

Contact information

Rue de l'Hectolitre 3
1000 Brussels

residence [at]