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Long term: up to 2 years / Short term: 1 to 3 months
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation.
  • An individual table in a shared space in Hangar.
  • Free consultancy for the project development.
  • Dissemination of the project on the website and organisation of a public presentation.
  • 20% discount for all the production services.
Paid by artist:

Long term residency:
Travel expenses and accommodation in Barcelona, as well as the cost of studio rental must be met by the artist.

2015 Rates (VAT included). 30 m2 studios: € 162,50 /month

Discounts: 20% discount for AAVC or UAAV members. Deposit : 2 months rent

Application guidelines:

Once a year there is an open call for long stays. Short stays depend on studio availability. 
The application is to be made online. 
The selection process is carried out by the programme committee.

Artists or groups who need a studio for developing projects or specific commissions, artists who are starting out and need a studio (for up to two years) or artists moving to Barcelona on a temporary basis.

Current open calls

Basic evaluation criteria:

* Presentation of all documents and material stipulated in the call for submissions, in the required format and with the appropriate extension.

* Compliance of personal material being presented with the conditions stipulated in the call for submissions, whether it applies to distribution of studios or an exchange grant.

* Clear presentation of written and visual information.

* The quality of the artist’s work in general and the particular project being presented.

* The artists’ professional approach to describing and defending their projects, in writing or during an interview.

Check the website regularly for deadlines of each program

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AAVC - Associació d'Artistes Visuals de Catalunya

Hangar is a centre for arts production and research, set up by the Association of Visual Arts of Catalonia (AAVC) in 1997. It provides support facilities for artists and designers and offers services adapted to production needs associated with the arts world. The centre is housed in refurbished industrial premises in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona. In addition to its international and national open call for accomodation, Hangar also offers studios, production grants and a series of training workshops for artists. Residencies Hangar offers involve many organizations and partnerships. It is essential to check their website regularly for available calls and particular criteria.

Studio Information

30 m2 single and 60 m2 shared between 2 artists

Work desks, power sockets, sink, Internet connection (wi-fi), showers and heating.
Resident artists on long stays may use the following services free of charge: digital imaging lab and self-editing suite, a sound stage and multi-purpose space, as well as production advice from Hangar’s team of professionals. The resident artists also have an online publishing tool at their disposal where they can showcase their work, and a video channel.

Accommodation Information

Since the end of 2011, Hangar has a residency for artists that is located in the old house of the guard of the industrial complex of Can Ricart. The building has two floors of 80,99m2 and 62,59 m2. Each floor has two double bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Also the residency has access to a community garden shared with Hangar’ staff and users.

The residence hosts a maximum of four artists together for short periods of time that go from one week up to three months. The intention is to host a minimum of two artists each time with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the artists besides their individual research and production projects.



Technical Information

Sony HVR-Z1 video camera. Records on HDV, DVCAM, Mini DV (can only be hired for use outside the centre by AAVC members)
Sony HDR-FX1 video camera. Records on HDV and Mini Dv
Sony HDR-HC1E video camera. Records on HDV and Mini Dv
Wide conversion lens x0,7 for the camera Sony HDR-HC1E
Stereo microphone ECM-HST1 for the camera Sony HDR-HC1E
Battery video light HVL-20DMA
Manfroto 344B tripod
Manfroto 755MF3 tripod
Edirol video mixer with 4 inputs and 2 channels
FilmGear fluorescent tube box: 2 x 120cm with 4 banks and 1 x 60 cm with 4 banks. With tripods, extension cords and sand bags. Warm and cool light tubes available.
Quartz light kit, 3 x 1200 W lights with tripods

Behringer XM200S microphone
Sennheiser MKH416 microphone
AKG D230 microphone
AKG MPA III L microphone
FoneStar FCM2600 microphone
AKG C 417 lapel condenser microphone
Shure MX400D table microphone
Sony E3CM-MS907 microphone
Sennheiser G2_ew100 wireless microphone kit: 2 units
Rode stereo videomic for videocamera
Stand and wind screens
Sony MZ-NHF800 minidisc
Digital recorder Zoom H-2 mp3/WAV

Kit of flashes elinchrom style FX 400 digital:3 Flashes Elinchrom Style FX 400,reflector 16 cm,protective Hood,1 Portalite 60 x 60 cm , 1 translucent Deflector, 1 silver umbrella 83 cm, 1 translucent umbrella 83 cm, 3 feet 88- 235 cm, 1 bag for transporting the feet and umbrella, 1 bag for transporting the flashes, 2 sets of fuses ,
1 sync cable, 1 cone snoot + grid
CANON EOS 5D MARKII + 24-105 mm. lens (**for this equipment you have to leave a deposit of 100€)
Canon Power Shot S70 digital still camera

Portable Internet streaming system
Honda EU20i inverter generator (specifically for electronic equipment) with maximum output of 200 W
Tricycle with kit for urban interventions


Hangar’s headquarters are in a building -loaned by the Barcelona City Council- that is located in the Can Ricart complex, an industrial environment within the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona. The architecture is from the mid 19th Century, and was originally designed for the textile industry. Up until the closure of industrial activity in 1991, different companies established themselves in the building that Hangar now occupies.

At present, and after the centre was extended to the adjacent warehouses, the buildings used by Hangar cover a total surface of 2,600 m2, and are distributed in the following way:

  • the first building was the first to be occupied by the centre and takes up a total surface of 1,800 m2, distributed along two open plan floors. The space includes 15 individual artist studio spaces; a co-working space with 9 spaces; two multi-purpose rooms, and an area that houses the centre’s offices.
  • a second warehouse, ‘the Ricsson’, mainly houses a multi-purpose sound stage, comprised of a sound stage of approximately 150 m2, changing rooms, a production room, and control rooms.
  • a third building, known as Microfugues, contains the video, image, programming, streaming, and interactivity labs; a multi-purpose room, and a classroom.
  • a residency with 4 bedrooms.
Contact information

Carrer Emilia Coranty, 16 (antic Passatge Marquès de Sta. Isabel, 40) Can Ricart
08018 Barcelona B

info [at]
joana [at]