Korean, English
3 months for international artists, up to 2 years for Korean
Paid by host:

Working & living studio, accident insurance, administration and residency program supports such as exhibition, workshop, open studio, mentoring etc.

Paid by artist:

Airfare, living and production expenses.

Application guidelines:

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Domestic and foreign artists in visual art, design, architecture, literature, dance, performing arts, media arts and researchers, curators and critics
  • No limitation of age, nationality, or gender
  • Resident artists are required to stay in studio during their respective residency session
  • Individual and group artists are allowed

Application requirements
–Completed application (download from GCC website).
–CV or resume (less than one A4 page) .
–1–2 page essay addressing the following (each essay must be less than 250 words):
–Briefly describe your practice.
–Your residency plan in GCC.
–At least one or more of the following based on what best represents your work:
–15–20 images as single Powerpoint, or PDF file.
–Five minutes of audio work(s), video work(s) or video documentation of work. Upload the audio work(s) and video work(s) on SoundCloud, YouTube, or Vimeo, then send links to your work(s). You may write down the links in a PDF file. Please keep this in mind that all the links you will send must be working properly. Otherwise, your application will be excluded.
–Up to ten pages of writing(s), if you are applying for research residency program

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Gyeonggi Creation Center

Gyeonggi Creation Center

Residency Studio

Gyeonggi Creation Center (GCC) is an art sponsorship organization to support creative activities and researches by domestic and overseas artists. With a variety of facilities such artists’ studios, art and crafts workshops, artwork storage, a theater and a number of multi-purpose halls, GCC hosts exhibitions and open-studio events, community based art programs, art education, and international exchange programs.

GCC acts as a platform to gather artists, curators and theorists from all over the world for international exchange and as an experimental and progressive contemporary art center to collectively engage and cultivate synergy among artists of various genres. For the Residency Studio Program, GCC selects resident artists through invitations and open applications from artists, curators, and theorists working in visual and media arts.


  • Creative Residency Program: Artists in visual art, Design, Architecture, literature, Dance, Performing Arts, and media arts
  • Research Residency Program: Independent and alternative space curators, producers for theater and music, researchers and critics.

The outcome of the residency takes different forms, including exhibitions, performances, open studios and publications.

Studio Information

Provision of individual studio (1 room for 1 person/team) combined with accommodation.

Technical Information

 Provision of joint creation space (media lab, carpentry room, archive space).


The residency is located at a west coast tourist site on an island called Seongamdo. The site boasts attractive scenery.

Contact information

101-19, Seongam-ro
South Korea

gccinfomail [at]