Depends on the project. Usually 1 - 3 months.
Paid by host:

The foundation does not offer fellowships or stipends for artists; but can send invitation letters to apply for grants and funding in their home countries.

Paid by artist:

Studio + acommodation: 2,500 MXN pesos mexicanos per week (aprox. US$200).
Studio: 1,250 MXN pesos mexicanos per week (aprox. US$100)
Please note that there is a deposit of US$60.

The program is self-funding. Participants are required to cover the costs of travel, health insurance, living, accommodation and studio, and the expenses related to producing and transporting works. It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance before leaving your country.


Ocassionally the Foundation offers grants for Mexican artists or resident international artists that cover acommodation in a shared room and use of the studio. Check the website for upcoming calls!


Application guidelines:

Inquiries are welcome from individual artists or from recognized organizations that might sponsor an artist who want to submit a thematic residency project. Working knowledge of Spanish or English language is required. Please note that there is a US$10 application fee. For application form and guidelines, check the page "Residencias" on the Foundation's website.

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Gruber Jez Foundation

Gruber Jez Foundation


The Foundation's goal is to provide a workshop-studio in which students and established artists may carry on a professional dialogue and work harmoniously in an ambience of total freedom and mutual respect. A place for self-development, the Foundation's top priority is to encourage artistic research and experimentation in new projects.

Studio Information

Two large open space studios with facilities and equipment for ceramics, metal, wood and fiber materials. No individual studios, but you can share comfortable.

Accommodation Information

The artist could choose to live in or off the Foundation. Off Foundation is responsibility of the artist. The accommodation in the Foundation is small houses near the studio. They are intender for one resident but can also be arranged for two. The houses are equipped with private room and bathroom and a living room with kitchen facilities. They are surrounded by a garden with swimming pool, barbecue and common dinning area.

Included two linen and towels.


The foundation is located in the village of Cholul, twenty-five minutes by bus from the city of Merida, in a rural environment where you can delight yourself with the garden and the pool and enjoy the peace and quiet while staying. No nightlife, bars, or social entertainment.

Contact information

Calle 24 S/N x 11
with Calle Laurel
97305 Cholul, Mérida,

office [at]