1 month
Paid by artist:
  • 490 Euros - Module #1 (15 - 22 August)
  • 760 Euros - Module #2 (22 - 29 August)
  • 960 Euros = Module #3 (15 August - 9 September 2020) Module #3 covers the entire residency period which is the combination of Module #1 and #2.

*The Field Kitchen Academy offers 1 (one) scholarship to a successful applicant selected by the Jury. The scholarship covers the entire residency fee for Module #3 (between 15 August - 8 September), including the expenses for accommodation, meals and attendance to public events.

Application guidelines:

In addition to the online application form, your CV and/or the required documents should be submitted by email to [email protected]

Applications between Dec 2021 - March 2022
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Ground e.V.

Ground e.V.


The FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY is an interdisciplinary educational residency programme that gathers artists/ creative minds, a resident chef and prominent experts from different fields together around a kitchen table through mind-opening acts and actions.

On its second edition, a total of 11 interdisciplinary residents will be selected to join the upcoming FIELD KITCHEN ACADEMY in its three modules. Curated by Ece Pazarbaşı, this year, under the title of THE CURIOUS LOOP, the notion of loops-in-sound will be used as a gateway to other concepts of repetition, offering a variety of individual and collective experiences. Loops represent a time that is suspended, which is a compressed source of the past, present and the future. The loop also oscillates between the known and the unknown; as for the viewer and listener it could unfold to a future of known (as it repeats the same material over and over again), but also it may relate to an unknown (as surprises are always welcome), and one never knows if the loop will be broken with an unknown sound or visual component - no matter how well defined and repeated the loop has developed in the past. If one cannot step into the same river twice, and if one opens to perception with all senses, what differences can we find in each loop?

Composed of three intertwined modules that allow for different durations in the residency, the program is open to application from all disciplines and all walks of life. The selected residents will have the opportunity of pursuing processes of experimentation, discussion, trial and error, the progression of knowledge, and know-how in working sessions during the first 3 weeks. The last half week will be the ‘simmering’ period where the residents are expected to do NOTHING but only LISTENING.

Studio Information

Collaborative working environment.

Accommodation Information

Shared room for two people for the entire period.

Contact information

Schloss Wüsten Buchholz
19348 Perleberg

info.fieldkitchen [at]