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Depends on the program
Paid by host:
  • Access to the National Space Centre campus at Elfordstown Earthstation, Midleton Cork, Ireland.
  • Accommodation and studio space at The Residency at Greywood Arts, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland.
  • Transportation between Greywood Arts & the NSC
  • €2,000 Stipend to be used for travel, per diem and materials at the discretion of the artist.
Application guidelines:

Greywood Arts offer multiple residency opportunities. Check their website for more information, and send your application directly at [email protected] .

For "The Inevitable Ether 2022", use the online application form.


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Greywood Arts

Greywood Arts


Greywood Arts is a multi-disciplinary artist’s residency in Killeagh, East Cork. Artists and creatives in all disciplines are welcome to stay in self-catering accommodation and have access to workspace. There is a movement studio, a visual arts studio, space for writers, and a library with a piano for musicians, as well as a large dining/meeting room.

-to support the creative processes of performing artists, visual artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, arts scholars and other creatives.
-to provide low-cost and no-cost space to artists.
-to provide a site for education, dialogue and engagement.
-to increase the local community’s access to the arts.
-to offer a warm welcome and make all visitors feel comfortable and supported as they explore, imagine, invent and reflect.

What is valued
-Being articulate and transparent about process. A willingness to embrace not-knowing and spontaneity, as well as working with structure, strategy, and parameters.
-Work that is compelling, vital, and timely. Greywoods is a place to explore the methods and media that best express those ideas.
-Risk taking. Pushing boundaries, play, experimentation. Learning from failure as much as success.
-Collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Honing collaborative skills like communication, negotiation, and problem solving. Magic happens in the exchange of ideas and the intersection of media.
-Work at all stages. Supporting new work and work that reworks ideas.

Greywood Arts offers multiple residency programs differing according to disciplines and purposes. Visit their website for their current open calls.

The Inevitable Ether – A Residency Award from Greywood Arts & the National Space Centre

Greywood Arts & the National Space Centre invite expressions of interest from artists working in any visual, installation, or time-based medium who engage with themes of outer space, technology, and speculative futures in their work. This six-week residency from October 15 - November 25 is an incredible opportunity for an artist whose practice would benefit from observing the workings of a busy satellite groundstation campus before immersing themselves in the creative environment of The Residency at Greywood Arts.

The award includes an opportunity for the selected artist to showcase their research and creative process, and to experiment with installation of work from the residency at the National Space Centre, located near Midleton, Co. Cork.

The residency organisers seek imaginative proposals investigating big ideas on how we can conceive of the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer, or what our actions in outer space tell us about our relationship to Earth and to each other. From philosophy to science fiction, the complex themes that emerge might include space exploration and colonisation, space tourism, the regulation and control of outer space, satellite technology, space debris, radio and light pollution, climate change, planetary origins, asteroids, and the possibility of life in outer space.


The artist will have the opportunity to share their creative process and experiment with installation of work from the residency at the National Space Centre, which will open to the public November 18-20th. This opportunity to interface with the public will be showcased alongside an exhibition from our STEAM education programme. The artist also will participate in a public conversation about their research, practice and residency experience at the showcase launch at the NSC.

Studio Information

Greywood Arts has a movement studio, visual arts studio, writer´s room, and a library with a piano. There is also a dining room / meeting room available.

Accommodation Information

There are four bedrooms which can accommodate up to nine guests at a time. There are shared common areas and kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Greywood Arts is a multidisciplinary artists residency in a Georgian building in the quaint village of Killeagh, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Contact information

Greywood Arts
Main Street
Co. Cork
P36 KN61

create [at]