3 months
Paid by host:

A fee of €2500,- and depending on the needs there is a production budget available till a max. €1500,-.

Paid by artist:

Insurances, travel expenses, food and any other costs that are not covered by the fee and the production budget.

Application guidelines:

Applicants should send the following documents (in English) in one single PDF (10 MB max.) by email to [email protected]

The document must contain the following information:

  • a short text about your motivations for the residency (500 words max)
  • a curriculum vitae with your contact details (email, telephone, address, website)
  • images of recent works (with captions)
  • a short text describing your artistic practice.

(For new media, please insert links for videos or soundtracks within the PDF file.)

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Greylight Projects

Greylight Projects


Where are we now?

IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen, Belgium and Greylight Projects – platform for art and culture in Heerlen, The Netherlands are launching an open call for a residency of three months (September-November 2021). The residency takes place in the framework of the 2021 Artist Project of Very Contemporary, a network between different art spaces and museums in the border region of the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine. Artists based in either The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany are invited to apply.

Guided by the open question “Where are we now?”, the residency will invite an artist to reflect on the particularities of the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine region. In 2019, Very Contemporary launched WONDERTOURS, a project aimed to bridge the distances between the different institutions by offering cycling routes between them.

The artist is invited to offer a new perspective on these routes, responding to the distances, landscapes or borders between the two institutions. The project may address or reflect themes such as sustainability, trans-cultural dialogue, cultural heritage or geopolitics specific to the region. The focus of the residency is on developing a work or project in the context mentioned above.

Very Contemporary
Very Contemporary is a network of 12 contemporary art institutions in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. It is Very Contemporary's mission to bring contemporary art in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion to the attention of a broad and new audience. With the power of collective marketing and joint projects, VC faces competitive contemporary art institutions in the central urban areas of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The partners of Very Contemporary cooperate and operate across borders in the Euregion. The network aimsto bridge cultural and language differences between the institutions and collaborate on artistic projects and networking initiatives. For the past two years VC has also developed Wondertours, cycling routes between the Very Contemporary venues. Guiding you through the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, the cycling routes are a great way to explore the region and its beautiful cities, remarkable buildings, art works in open spaces, and nature.

IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the city of Eupen in the German-speaking community of Belgium, close to the German and Dutch borders. Its programme focuses on emerging and established contemporary artists through a dialogue between its collection and temporary exhibitions. The museum considers its proximity to international borders as a point of departure for serving as a cultural mediator between the various regions of Belgium and engaging in a fertile exchange with the artistic scenes in Germany and the Netherlands. Inviting visitors to investigate political, social and cultural developments in an informal atmosphere, IKOB strives to make an active contribution to society.

Greylight Projects
Greylight Projects is an artist-run organization founded in 2009. It focuses on supporting artists in their research and practices by facilitating, producing and/or organizing events. Greylight Projects has no restriction in terms of media or origins of the artistic practices. It has been an organic and intuitive development since the beginning focusing on the work of the artist, and how this could be increased, enhanced by others (the dialogue) and shared with the public. Greylight Projects is currently developing a new space for contemporary art practices in a former school building in the city of Heerlen (Limburg, NL). The location is composed of 6 studios for visual artists, a residency place, a workshop, a gardenand a multi-purpose space called “le salon’.


A presentation or the result related to the process of the residency period. The presentation will be held in or around IKOB in Eupen or at any related location in the border area of the Euregio-Meuse-Rhine region.

Studio Information

An open studio space of approximately 25m2

Accommodation Information

A private room, with shower on the corridor and a shared kitchen. Only one resident at a time can be hosted.

Contact information

Schaesbergerweg 58
6415 AJ Heerlen

wherearewenow2021 [at]