Italian, English, Spanish, French
min 2 weeks max 3 months
Paid by host:

We provide a fully equipped professional printmaking facility and an apartment.

Paid by artist:

The cost is €400 per week. This includes accommodation, access to all printmaking facilities and equipment and essential printshop tools and materials. It does not account for paper, ink and matrixes.

Application guidelines:

Applications are open year-round. Gate 44 asks to submit maximum 10 images of recent work and a brief letter of intent to make sure they can meet the artist's expectations. There is no merit based selection.

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GATE 44 residency

GATE 44 residency


Residencies at Gate44 are the expression of its appreciation for cultural and artistic diversity with its sense of belonging to a global artistic community.

Residencies are open to artists from all backgrounds and all levels of expertise in printmaking. At gate44 residents will find a creative community of mostly nice people and enjoy a professional printmaking studio equipped for large scale etching, screen printing, relief printing and lithography.

Residencies can be self conducted for those who are already familiar with printmaking or we can provide assistance by one of the master printmakers. Specific courses and workshop on particular techniques are also available.

Residents are accommodated in a private apartment and enjoy 24 h access to the print studio.


There are no prefixed expectations, exhibitions and presentation opportunities are discussed with each individual artist if interested.

Studio Information

Residents have access to the entire shared studio fully equipped for silk screen, etching, plate lithography and photopolymer etching. We also provide a private studio upon request.

Accommodation Information

We provide one fully furnished apartment with queen size bed, kitchen and bathroom. The apartment can host two people. We also accept larger groups to which we provide housing through a third party.

Technical Information

We have a print archive and a small library. All processes are entirely internalised from transparencies to screens etc.


Gate44 is located at Via privata Treviso 21, in a multicultural, young and fast growing artistic district of Milan, adjacent to a public park and the Martesana canal, and within walking distance from Nolo. Residencies are a great way to experience a new culture in a dynamic and diversified city such as Milan while producing a body of work. The city’s location also allows for day trips to historical towns such as Venice, Parma, Bologna, Verona, Ferrara, etc.

Contact information

Via Privata Treviso 21
20127 Milano MI

gatefortyfour [at]