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3 - 9 weeks
Paid by artist:

The rate for one person for renting an apartment is 100 € per week. If you need a studio this is additional 25 € per week. Please check their website for all their rates for different housings.

Application guidelines:

Please read the guidelines before filling in the online application form.

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Foundation OBRAS Art residencies

Foundation OBRAS Art residencies


OBRAS-PORTUGAL is located on a hill overlooking a rolling landscape with cork oaks and a medieval fortress. The residency offers (emerging) professional artists an inspiring and peaceful, rural environment, with good working spaces and support for specific activities (such as open studio and other public events).

Generally there will be around six artists. Everyone works individually; collaborations are on your own initiative.


They organise artist talks in an informal setting for every resident, and also organise five open studios per year. In addition, they can organise exhibitions and other cultural events in nearby towns, although this has to be scheduled a year in advance and is generally the spin-off of an earlier residence. Site specific events may be organised on a shorter notice.

Studio Information

In case you need in addition a studio for working: five studios are available ranging in size from 5x5m up to 10x30m. There are lots of places for working outside.

Accommodation Information

The Centre has eight double-bed apartments (each with own kitchen, bathroom and terrace) and two cottages. Non-artist guests accompanying residents are welcome but pay a higher rate. Participants need to ask the board for rates and availability.

The apartment has basic equipment such as cooking plate, microwave, pots and pans, etc. for participants to prepare their own meals. The oven is available on request. Twice a week, an artist talk and shared dinner are organzied.

Technical Information

There is basic equipment such as easels, marble sculpting tools and some building materials available. There are also a good quality, tuned piano, several flutes, two acoustic guitars a cajon, and other instruments that are suitable for social occasions.

Contact information

Herdade da Marmeleira, N18 Evoramonte
7000 - 300 Estremoz

foundationobras [at]