Paid by artist:

The rent for one day is 25€ per person. In case of additional guests, 10 euros / per person / per day will be added to the rent.
If the stay is longer than 14 days, the guest will be charged 25 euros / per day for the first 14 days, and starting from the 15th day - 20 euros / per day.

Application guidelines:

The studio is booked for about half a year within the framework of NIFCA program. During the rest of the year everybody can apply for residence.

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Other activities
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Estonian Artists Association

Estonian Artists Association


The main goals of the Estonian Artists' Association are to promote and enhance art culture in Estonia. The Estonian Artists' Association is the mediator within the fields related to art and artists and protects the rights of its members as well as the association as a whole. They provide work and living accommodation in guest studios since 1999.

Studio Information

The studio, containing working space and accommodation on two levels, is about 50 m².


The studio is situated on the top floor of Tallinn Art Hall, the Estonian Artists' Association is located in the next building. This building, centrally located close to the Old Town, is a centre for the Estonian art life. Apart from the Tallinn Art Hall, it contains several artists' studios and a nice restaurant, the Kuku Club, where artists meet in the evening.

Contact information

Vabaduse Väljak 6
10146 Tallinn

ekl [at]