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2 weeks to 1 month
Paid by host:

Residents can use all the equipment, tech, tools and furniture that exist in the space (sound system, PA, mics, sound board, various lighting equipment, etc). EIGHT offers promotion at local press and through social media.

Paid by artist:

Residency fee: 2 weeks minimum: 750 euros and 1 month: 1350 euros (the prices for collectives and artistic duos are slightly different). Artists need to cover their travel expenses, materials and food.

EIGHT Athens requests a deposit of 350 euros to be paid once the artist accepts the T&C.

Application guidelines:

The applicant should send an email to [email protected] with the application form (CV, Artist Statement, Project Proposal) and portfolio.


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EIGHT, critical institute for arts and politics

EIGHT, critical institute for arts and politics

City at Eight

Eight is a cultural space activated in the centre of Athens that attempts to explore the possibilities of a critical intervention in an ever-changing precarious landscape. Bringing together forms of artistic, political and theoretical production, urban research and social action and building on radical experiments of recent years it seeks to investigate forms of continuity and instituting that challenge neoliberal demands of sustainability.

Eight years after the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece that produced a series of radical transformations in social/cultural frameworks and after a series of public mobilisations that included cultural and political experiments and occupations, activist/direct interventions, DIY contexts, spaces and public programmes they seek to reimagine new forms, tools and practices for the current and upcoming paradigm shifts. Through forms of unconventional collective study, research, critical intervention and cultural action they aim to repeatedly produce instituent moments of response implicated in the here and now of the city that they also hope reflects global challenges at this moment in time. The public program of EIGHT includes exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures, workshops, publications and other emergent forms of cultural and social action. EIGHT is an autonomous self-organised event that is realised without any funding or support from public or private resources.

EIGHT invites artists, theorists and researchers across different fields of practice to apply in its residency, and actively take part in a collective artist-led space and public programme as well as discourses in the city of Athens. The residency seeks to support artistic and urban work and research providing time and space to develop, test and show work and ideas. EIGHT is situated in the heart of the city center in Athens next to Exarcheia and Omonoia square and opposite of Polytechnic University and thus constantly engaged with the current urban transformations of the city centre. The residency programme is open to all artistic, curatorial and critical practices. They strongly encourage work that is research-based and engages with unconventional structures and forms such as socially/politically engaged practices, alternative practices and urban interventions. Under the title “city at eight” this residency programme seeks to foster dialogues and collaborations between local and international artists/theorists in order to produce emergent/critical explorations of theoretical and cultural activity about cities and urban action in the current socio-political landscape.

Residencies are for individuals, duos or groups and vary from two weeks to a month with possibility of being extended longer. The residency offers possibilities to connect with the local cultural scene, take part in research and round table discussions, explore conditions of cohabitation with other artists, theorists or local agents, communities and collectives. Additionally resident artist can collaborate with ΕIGHT collective and curators to organize, host or present hybrid explorations and events across art, politics and theory. The residency programme includes one initial work sharing presentation, two meetings with the collective during the residency for support in the research and a final public presentation to an audience. The work produced will be promoted on local press, websites and social media platforms.


All residents are invited to organize at least one public event, which can take the form of an exhibition, performance, lecture, presentation, discussion, etc.

Studio Information

The space of EIGHT is available for resident artists. Artists are welcomed to facilitate a workshop based on their practice or provide a talk / presentation in order to present their work and research to the public.

Accommodation Information

EIGHT offers accommodation close to the space, with internet, toilet/shower and kitchen facilities.

Technical Information

Residents can use all the equipment, tech, tools and furniture that exist in the space (sound system, PA, mics, sound board, various lighting equipment, tools, etc.).

Contact information

Politechniou 8
104 33 Athens

8eightathens [at]