Swedish, English, Finnish
1 month
Paid by artist:

There is a small fee of €120/month that each residence guest pay in advance in accordande with the actual coasts of internet access, and laundry of bedding etc. 

Application guidelines:

A stay at the guest apartment is primarily granted to practicing artists of all artistic disciplines. Applications for the recidencies should be sent to the Åland Cultural Delegation by January the 15th at 16.15 pm, the same year the stay is requested.

The apartment will be available from June to September, generally for a period of 1 month, provided that the rebuilding is ready.

The application should include a work plan and a CV. 

Click here for the application form.

yearly deadline on January 15.
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Eckerö Post and Customs house

Eckerö Post and Customs house

guest apartment

Eckerö Post & Customs House was built by the Russian Tsar, who through the building's impressive dimensions wanted to show Sweden which superpower Russia was and also provide a view of the expansive Russia that could be larger. Finland and the Åland Islands came to belong to Russia after the war in 1809 until 1917. The building is currently one of the best preserved buildings by architects Carl Ludvig Engel and Carlo Bassi. During the period of 1953 - 1994 the building served as the state holiday home for postal and telecommunications officials. The fact that the Åland postal service became an independent business company ended this vacation activities1994. The building passed into the possession of the Government of Åland in 1994 and now serves as a cultural building with a cafe and museum as well as cultural happenings. Out on the cliffs of the sea is a memorial to the more than two hundred men who perished in the mail voyages across the Åland sea. Queen Christina´s mailroad 1638 goes between Sweden and the Åland Islands and was for several hundred years the connecting link between the mother country Sweden and the eastern provinces of Finland and the Baltics. An Artist in Residence was founded in 2006 in the building.

The Government of Åland provides a guest apartment that will be moving from the main house to the southern wing of the historical Eckerö Post & Customs House, starting from year 2021. 


The guest apartment offers a unique environment that can inspire artists in their coming works. The stay may result in local collaboration or impact as, for instance, artist talk, lecures, workshops, community art projects or coming exhibitions. All these activities are optional.

Accommodation Information

The residence will be consisting of two rooms comprising a total of 50 m2 - one bedroom with two beds and a combined work living/dining room/kitchenette, a toilet and a shower. Close to the livingarea is a working space around 35 m2.

  • During the summer various public activities takes place in and around the building.
  • In the northern wing of the building there is a cafe and a small Chocolaterie housed.
  • You can get into the courtyard by car for loading and unloading.
  • Car parking is available behind the southern wing of the building.
  • It is not allowed to have animals in the house.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building.
  • Bikes are available.

The guest apartment in Eckerö Post- and Customs house is located by the seaside,35 km from the town of Mariehamn, in Eckerö municipality.

Contact information

The Government of Åland
Pb 1060
AX-22111 Mariehamn

kulturinfo [at]