English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)
1 to 12 months (Max 3 artists at a time)
Paid by artist:

RM2,500 per month or RM2,200 per month (for stay longer than 3 months). The residency fee covers the studio and accommodation, utility bills for water and electricity, wi-fi Internet, and other associated costs but does not cover travel, visa, materials or entertainment and food costs.

Application guidelines:

Please fill in the application form and email to [email protected]


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East Coast Artist in Residence

East Coast Artist in Residence


ECAiR welcomes artists to a sub-urban yet multifaceted tranquil environment. KUANTAN, is a developing small town located in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the largest Pahang state of the Peninsular Island, offering a true local Malaysian experience surrounded by rainforest and refreshing crystal clear island beaches. Unlike the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan offers a peaceful getaway from hectic lifestyle where culture will be a big part of your experience, you can cycle around the town, visit the famous flora and fauna just miles away, tasting the very affordable traditional cuisines and most importantly, getting inspirations on your own sweet time, as well as new ideas for your upcoming artworks.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial and advanced art society, ECAiR offers a unique experience to provoke new ideas in an unusual sub-urban ambiance, where contemporary art is still very new. Participating in ECAiR allows you to experience the multicultural, multiracial, multi-religion and multilingual Malaysia has to offer, in addition to a calm, serene and soothing atmosphere of a small local fishing town. ECAiR welcomes local and international applicants.


At the end of ECAiR program, participants will have the options to exhibit their artworks in Kuantan or Kuala Lumpur to conduct public lectures or talks at local institutions, or Kuala Lumpur, to conduct public lectures or talks at local institutions, or none of the above but to write about their ECAiR residency experience.

Studio Information

Private and shared studio spaces in various dimensions.

Accommodation Information

Private bedrooms, wifi Internet, shared bathroom & kitchen, and one bicycle per person (RM300 deposit, refundable upon leaving).


The studio & living space is located in Kuantan. With local restaurants and café around, there’s a weekly night market (pasar malam) every Saturday just 15 minute bike away from the residency. Kuantan is a small town, you will be provided with a bicycle as mode of transportation, car rental is available at extra cost.

Contact information

B-3070, Lorong Galing 32
Jalan Haji Ahmad
25300 Kuantan

hello [at]