Portuguese, English
1 to 3 months
Paid by artist:

Monthly program and studio fee - €500
Maintenance fee - €50 (paid only on the first month)
Duo fee - €50 (per month, adding to the monthly fee)

Application guidelines:

Send 1 PDF to hello[a] with:
- Portfolio (up to 15 pages)
- Bio
- Project (1 page)

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Duplex AIR

Duplex AIR


DUPLEX | Artists in Residence is an independent artist-run-space, composed of studios, a residency program and a gallery.

Seeking to stimulate creative processes, experimentation and plastic production as well as the discourse that these dynamics originate, Duplex presents itself as a privileged territory for the coexistence of different artists, different productions and different ways of thinking about the work of art and its context.

Valuing advances and setbacks, valuing error, failure, and disruption as participants in contemporary praxis, the entire structure and functioning of DUPLEX seeks, in addition to celebrate the final results, to recognize the conceptual and procedural richness of artistic creation, and bring the public closer to it.

For resident artists, DUPLEX's artistic residency program allows a quick insertion in the artistic community of Lisbon, offering the possibility, time and space to develop and show their work. With guest visits, conversations, organized visits to studios or other art spaces, discussions and project support, Duplex seeks to adapt to the interests and needs of each group of residents, whom are expected to engage in the activities proposed during their time at DUPLEX.

DUPLEX accepts self-proposals as well as publishes open calls. They are happy to receive artists working on any visual arts' area. They also receive curators as residents, usually coordinated with the current artistic residencies.


Open day, artist talk/presentation, involvement in all residency activities.

Studio Information

DUPLEX occupies an area of 1000m2 distributed by 3 main floors. The first floor is occupied by our gallery. In the second floor 10 long-term studios receive artists living in Lisbon, as well as our office. On the third floor adicional 8 studios and a curator's office are dedicated to our residency program.

All studios are equipped with basic furniture, electrical outlet, and provide 3 walls, opening to a common social area.

You can also find in each floor a kitchenette, wc's, facilities to wash dirty materials and a terrace.

Accommodation Information

Duplex doesn't provide accommodation, but they will assist you in finding one, if needed.

Technical Information

Studios, office for a curator in residence, managemnet office, equipped kitchenette, wc's, terraces, social areas, internet connection, basic tools and materials, deposit of leftover materials.


DUPLEX is located in Lisbon city center, in the lively and well liked neighborhood of Graça, in walking distance from several galleries, museums and independent art spaces.

Contact information

Rua Angelina Vidal 31 C
1170-017 Lissabon

hello [at]