English, Flemish
1 to 4 weeks
Paid by host:

Room, Wi-fi, checkout cleaning

Paid by artist:

Travel, food, the maintenance cost for electricity, water and cleaning of €75 per week.

Application guidelines:

Artists wishing to apply for Vacuum should do so by emailing directly at [email protected], including relevant work info and desired duration. There is no application fee. Submissions are reviewed within 4 weeks. Please do not send large attachments in any form. A downloadable link is preferred.

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Digital Piss Factory

Digital Piss Factory

Vacuum Artist Safe Haven

Digital Piss Factory is an interdependent creative house that supports artists with a unique and outspoken artistic vision.

Founded in 2000 by Bart Demey and Tania Gallagher (Nid & Sancy), today the project offers a music studio (Begijnhof Audio research Terminal), a record label with 2 imprints (DPF, Gong Ear), and a dedicated artist safe haven (Vacuum).

Digital Piss Factory supports artists in manifesting their art, from the point of inception to the presentation of their work. They do this through collaboration, creating time and space for the artist to record, experiment and research by trial and error. Their labels offer an organic route into presenting and developing their artists on an international platform. The Vacuum residency is an artist safe haven in which minds can slow down, rethink, create, or just be.

Vacuum is a small, cosy and nice working space situated in a small village in the south of Crete. Vacuum is a safe space that allows artists to log out, switch off and default to a place of balance.

Vacuum has evolved from the need as artists, to find a place where one can be safe from the world, in order to create a headspace that allows and enhances creativity. In total, six residencies a year with a minimum of one week and a stay and a maximum of 1 month are available.


No expectations and requirements

Studio Information

2 large tables, perfect to write and compose music on.

Accommodation Information

The accommodation has one double bed, a small kitchen, shower, working space, and two terraces of which one overlooks the ocean. One resident together with one partner can be hosted at once.


Kokkinos Spirgos, South of Crete

Contact information

Lange Violettestraat 117
9000 Ghent

dpf [at]