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Depending on the call and the provided external support
Paid by host:

Space for rehearsal and technical equipment are provided by Derida dance center. As a independent organization, Derida dance center gets various supporting from year to year. Depending on that, accommodation and daily costs might be provided. This will be clearly stated in the application call.

Paid by artist:

The artist covers travel costs as well as accommodation and daily costs in case the last two are not covered by external funding provided to Derida dance center.

Application guidelines:

Application guidelines and criteria are specific to each call - for further information, refer to the news page.


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Derida Dance Center

Derida Dance Center

Residency Program

Derida dance center residency program is among the organization’s main instruments that help this center realize its mission for providing opportunities for development of contemporary dance in Bulgaria. On one hand, this happens through exchange of international experience, and on the other, through making the production process easier for the authors. Here the creative artists are given the opportunity to use space and technical equipment for free to realize their individual projects. Their team is taking care of the promotion of the projects in the Bulgarian cultural field. In the past few years Derida Dance Center hosted many Bulgarian and foreign artists, who shared part of their creative way and their experience with professionals and non-professionals in the field of contemporary dance in Bulgaria.


At the end of each residency the resident needs to show a presentation of the residency result - it might be a completed piece or a work-in-progress presentation.

Studio Information

The studio available to the resident for daily practice/rehearsals is 100 sq.m. with contemporary dance flooring.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation might or might not be provided depending on the current external support Derida dance center has at the moment. Please contact them directly for details.

Technical Information

Technical equipment of the studio includes a sound system. There is a mic that can be used as well. In the presentation studio there are lights that can be used for the final presentation of the piece.

Contact information

245 Slivnitsa Blvd

office [at]