English, Spanish, French, Catalan, German
3 to 4 weeks
Paid by host:

CURTIDOS pays the final event / exhibition, publication material & communication.

Paid by artist:

The residence fee is 300€ per week. This includes the exclusive use of the space and tools (projector, printer, etc.) a bicycle and weekly cleaning. The artist foresees for personal expenses and donates one piece of work to Curtidos (the others can be sold, traded or auctioned during the closing event).

Application guidelines:

They offer from 4 residencies per year, and are open to receive proposals all year long. The artist needs to send a presentation letter and/or a proposed idea to be developed during the residency.

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CURTIDOS is a small storefront in the heart of Raval, in Barcelona. The two windows to the street are exhibitory spaces from where to bridge the artistic processes with the urban, social reality. They foster creative initiatives dealing with open culture, nature & art, transmedia research, social interaction and technology and curate artists aiming to transform their ideas into shared physical experiences.


Final event that will be either an exhibition, action or performance. Also documentation material about the residency.

Participants use the storefront window to showcase the work in progress and document and publish their creative process and exhibit the work produced in a free form such as exhibition, action or performance at a closing public event.

Studio Information

CURTIDOS is one space to live and work. It has a kitchen and a small bathroom. It is meant for artists that do not need too much space for their work: writers, programmers, hackers, designers, sound artists, photographers, filmmakers etc.

Accommodation Information

The residency space is for one artist - even though a couple could also fit- it's a 45 square meter organised as a working space (with printer, drawing material and bricolage tools) and a mezzanine with bed and basic living facilities.

Technical Information

They provide a small library, printer, bricolage tools and a bicycle.

Contact information

C/Bisbe Laguarda 16
08001 Barcelona

info [at]