Italian, English
6 to 8 weeks
Paid by host:

In addition to the grant of € 5.750, the resident will have:

  • an apartment for exclusive use for a maximum of 3 months;
  • a studio of about 25 m2, accessible 24/7, for a maximum of 3 months;
  • curatorial support from the Cripta747 team and facilitation of access to research sites;
  • technical and logistic assistance in the ordinary management and in setting up the space;
  • dedicated visits to local cultural institutions;
  • Museum Pass: card that allows access


Application guidelines:

Particular attention will be paid to proposals that show a transdisciplinary attitude and open up to areas of knowledge that are not strictly related to the artistic one. During the application phase, candidates are invited to submit a proposal outlining the specific research they intend to develop in the residency, specifying the benefits expected from this experience and imagining possible contacts and collaborations, both those already active and those that it is deemed necessary to activate for the project development. It is important that the candidates, in presenting their candidacy, are aware of the work carried out by Cripta747 and of the context - territorial and cultural - in which it operates. In fact, the resident must be able to relate to both the Cripta747 team and to the artistic and cultural community of Turin.

The winner will be selected by a scientific committee that will support the Cripta747 curatorial team for the entire season and will accompany the artist in residence.

Candidates are invited to:

Cripta747 may contact the applicants to require additional information supporting of the proposal or for organisational and management issues. Due to the large amount of submissions, Cripta747’s staff may propose to the candidates a change of months.

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CRIPTA747 Residency Programme


CRIPTA747 is a non-profit visual art organisation founded in Turin in 2008. It is a place for research, exchange, and production where artistic practices face contemporary debate. Through a programme of exhibitions, screenings, and events, CRIPTA747 investigates new forms and languages ​​with the aim of giving back to the audience an authentic and fresh vision. Since 2017, they have started two new programmes dedicated to international mobility: Residency, to support research with fellowships, and Studio, a project of shared workspace with a focus on production.

They invite artists, curators, and researchers active in Italy or abroad to participate in the call for proposals for the seventh edition of the Residency Programme, a research residency with a scholarship to be held in Turin in the months of September - December 2023.

The Residency Programme is aimed at those who demonstrate strong, coherent, and recognizable research both in conceptual development and in the material production of work. The residency enhances the research process and redefines the methods of diffusion of artistic, critical, and curatorial practices in a context free from exhibition constraints. The program is structured in such a way as to encourage study and research by facilitating access to the historical-cultural, bibliographic and archival heritage as well as to the productive fabric of the territory, through meetings with professionals, studios, experts, and craftsmen present in the city.

Cripta747 Residency Program is a Cripta747 project, realized thanks to the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, the Piedmont Region, and the CRT Foundation.


The proposed project does not necessarily have to be concluded by the end of the stay in Turin, but on the contrary, this moment of residency should represent the first phase of research of a larger work/project.

In addition, the candidate is required to propose an idea for an event to be held by the end of the residency (a workshop, a seminar, a lesson, a cycle of screenings, a performance, etc...) which directly involves the public and allows share practices, visions and experiences with it.


The Residency Programme takes place at CRIPTA747's headquarters, an industrial building located in Barriera di Milano, a working-class neighbourhood that holds together different souls, such as art insititutions, clubbing, social projects and craft.

Contact information

Via Quittengo 41b
10154 Torino TO

info [at]