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2 weeks to 3 months
Paid by host:

CourCommune does not cover the artist's expenses. They may provide a letter of acceptance for financial aid sought by artist from other sources.

Paid by artist:

The first week: 300€ and 150€/additional week. 500€/month/person. The artist should also count on paying for transportation and materials.

Application guidelines:
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Artist Residency at CourCommune

The expression, Genius Loci, is a constant since the Roman era, used by both architects and poets. The meeting of a geographical location, a historical context and other distinctive elements make a place that " men their existential attachment" according to the architect and historian of architecture, Christian Norbert-Schulz. The Dadaists affirmed at the beginning of the 20th century that "life is more interesting than art" and Robert Fillion, member of the Fluxus movement added that "art is what makes life more interesting than art". CourCommune invites artists to focus on the practice of art as a certain poetic of the ordinary.

CourCommune offers residencies from 2 weeks up to 3 months during the months of April through October for visual, print and literary artists in a village 100 kilometers south of Paris. The core of their reflection on the role of art and artists in a rural environment is based on the exploration of spaces, landscapes and the passage of the seasons. Residents have the opportunity to exchange with the inhabitants, as well as interacting with the physical and historical contexts of the surrounding communities.
They wish to make CourCommune an environment for retreat, encounters and experiences - a space to create supported by a space in which to live in the French countryside. The 120 square meter studio, equipped with a printing press and the living quarters with 3 private bedrooms are shared with a maximum of 2 other artists.


The work in progress is a priority for the organisers, but an exhibition or workshop can be arranged. They would be honored to receive an artwork for their collection, if the artist wishes to make a donation.

Studio Information

The studio measures 120 square meters and is equipped with a printing press. The space also contains a library of art books, work tables and the CourCommune office. Three floor to ceiling windows look across the way at the fifteenth-century church and allow for lots of daylight. The space can be modulated for readings and exhibitions.

Accommodation Information

A three-bedroom apartment, shared with a maximum of 2 other artists, and a garden welcome the artists-in-residence from spring to fall. There are 3 privates bedrooms, each with two single beds. The apartment has a large shared living / dining space with an open, fully equipped kitchen. The bathroom with a shower and a washing machine is also shared. Internet is provided.
They also have 2 bikes for exploring the area.

Technical Information

Printing press, library and garden.


CourCommune was created in 2012 in Voulx, a village 100 kilometers south of Paris. The end of 2016 saw the installation of CourCommune in a 19th-century building which was once the village shop.

Contact information

21 rue de l'Ile
77940 Voulx

courcommune77 [at]