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From 2 weeks to 1 month
Paid by host:

Free access to the studios. For artists from Slovakia, Ukraine, and Bavaria (Germany), there are several existing funding programs provided by partners (NVAIR, K.A.I.R, SCHAFHOF) in the form of scholarships to cover travel, accommodation, meals, and a budget for production. Please find more information on the website.

Paid by artist:

Participation fee is 100 EUR per week, which includes accommodation and personal guidance. Travel, materials, food allowance, and all other potential expenses are paid by the resident. Letters of guarantee and invitation letters to individual artists are provided in order to help them to receive a mobility grant. Forming a budget for a comfortable stay in Ukraine depending on the length of stay and the needs for services and materials for production is possible.

Application guidelines:

A CV, portfolio (or a link to the artist's website), a cover letter should be submitted during the open call period. Application is free.

The open call is announced in January-March.

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Congress of Cultural Activists

Congress of Cultural Activists

Nazar Voitovich Art Residence (NVAIR)

The organization aims for the establishment of democratic, universal values and aesthetic tolerance, as a guarantee of the development of national and world culture. They are focused on practicing and distributing the ideas of sustainable development and development of civil society in Ukraine with the help of art and mobility.

Residency programs are mainly aimed at revealing the social aspects of the local context. NVAIR aims to create projects collaboratively and cooperatively, as the accumulation of shared memory and finding ways to de-isolate the countryside. The organization prefers to collaborate with artists who work with contexts and communities, exploring history and landscape. For the fruitful work of residents, meetings are organize in order to establish contacts with the local cultural scene, creative community, organizations and institutions.


Three public meetings involving residents are expected: at the beginning of the program - an acquaintance meeting, one master class for local children and their parents, and a public meeting - a presentation of the project or a presentation of research results.

As a result of the programs, an exhibition in the gallery of Ternopil and a virtual exhibition on the Kunsmatrix platform, where one can exhibit 2D images, video and sound, are organized.

In the process of the residency, organizers collect video interviews with artists and create a promotional video about the residents and the program.

Studio Information

There are 3 studios: 80 m2 with library, easels, screen and projector, desks and chairs; 30m2 with a press for manual printing, 20 m2 with equipment for ceramics. There is also a backyard where the artist can arrange a workplace.

Mostly, artists who work with the visual art of classical and experimental techniques, digital artists and photographers (there is no special equipment, but NVAIR cooperates with printing studios and media labs in Ternopil) are invited.

Accommodation Information

The second floor is a shared lounge area, kitchen and shared bathroom with shower and washing machine, as well as 4 bedrooms (bed, table, chair, clothes hanger). Please note that there is no individual space available other than the bedroom. The residency is like a dormitory, where everyone lives together. Therefore, residents are responsible for the cleanliness and order of the common living space. Maximum 4 residents can be hosted at once. Individual artists and creative duos can apply. The artist can come with a partner, after having sent a prior notice. However, no children can be hosted.

Technical Information

There are tools for painting (easels, palettes, brushes), graphics and ceramics, a hand printing press, a kiln for firing ceramics, a potter's wheel and turnettes (banding wheels). Furniture: tables, chairs. The studios have WIFI with free access 24h. There is also a projector.


The residency is located in a small village near the town of Zbarazh - 6 km, and the city of Ternopil - 26 km. The village of Travneve is situated among the picturesque landscapes formed by hills with agricultural lands. A lake for fishermen and a stone quarry are nearby. The place is very quiet because it is far from major traffic routes. The house is located in the middle of the village, but away from the neighbors. The village has a long history, the most striking events are the resettlement of Ukrainians and Poles after World War II - a forced action to return citizens to their countries in 1946. There are many architectural reminders of the Polish past of the village.

Travneve is home to the youngest person who died during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 in Kyiv - Nazariy Voitovich. We started this residence in his honor, since Nazariy was an art student and dreamed of becoming an artist. Many of his relatives live here and help to develop projects.

Contact information

Druzhby str. 70a
Travneve village

liudmyla.nychai [at]