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Paid by host:

Studio space and facilities.

Paid by artist:

Travel costs, meals and accommodation. Residents work for one or two weeks at a minimum cost of € 5/day. In return Cloud kindly asks you to take care of the space, to document the process and to share your research in an open session at any phase of your residence. Since their community is one of their biggest resources, they are based on three pillars: researchers, organizers and audience.

Application guidelines:

Please send your proposal via email to [email protected] with the following:

  • Short introduction of the participant(s), bio (CV attached as PDF) and contact info
  • Project title and description
  • Dates that you wish to work at the studio

Note: apply latest 3 months in advance of your proposed date.


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Cloud is a self organized group, breeding projects and supporting research on dance and movement-based art forms. Cloud provides space for residencies and dance classes: artists from across the world come to work and develop their processes, before the actual production of a new artwork. Cloud also hosts workshops, expert meetings, Cloud Club nights and many other events. They facilitate artists to research with absolute freedom and to share artists' process in a public session, at the end of the residencies. These sessions contribute on one hand to the individual process of the resident, and on the other hand, to the education of a broader public.

Cloud provides space for residencies, classes, workshops, show cases, presentations, seminars, community projects, dinners, parties, performances, debates, expert meetings, jams and they develop festivals and educational programs.

Classes and workshops are open for everybody who is curious (neighbors, politicians, musicians, visual artists, dance professionals), research presentations give an insight in the kitchen of the residing artist, and Cloud's get-togethers are highly inspiring for people who would like to exchange about the latest avant-garde thoughts about current issues in dance and related arts (such as art in the public space, online sharing, and community building). Residencies are made available on a flexible basis, throughout the year. Taking into consideration that the studio is also used for classes during the evenings. Cloud offers support in video and photo registration, interviews with the artists are posted on their video channel.

Cloud focus points:

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary approaches within the field of movement research and performance.
  • How to bridge the gap between ordinary audiences and avant-garde artists of today.
  • Finding meaningful ways of documenting researches online

Artists give mid- term and final presentations of their project. The audience profits from the shared sessions, where the artistic process is openly discussed so that both sides contribute to each other. Cloud is a place for trying out and maturing ideas, and sharing this process within absolute freedom.

Studio Information

There is a kitchen and lockers for personal use, internet is included and on the same floor there are toilets and bathrooms.

Accommodation Information

Not provided, though Cloud often helps arranging it at a friend's place.

Technical Information

The studio’s area is about 160 m2. There is a lot of daylight, enough radiators for heating the room in the winter. A stereo sound system and linoleum flooring.

Contact information

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
2518 RA Den Haag

cloud.danslab [at]