English, Spanish
2 weeks - 3 months
Paid by host:
  • Fellowships include room & board, flight from anywhere in the continental U.S., plus commuter flight from Anchorage to Port Alsworth and require a minimum of 6 week commitment between June 1 and Sept 30.
  • Partial Fellowships include room & board, but not transportation.
  • Work study options are also available. All scholarship and work study artists are expected to participate in meal preparation, and clean up, and/or gardening.
Paid by artist:
  • Non-fellow resident fees scale between $800-1300/week depending on room occupancy (shared/single).
  • Round-trip flight to/from Anchorage, AK as well as the commuter flight from Anchorage to Port Alsworth ($450 round-trip.)
Application guidelines:

Online application.

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Chulitna Lodge Wilderness Retreat

Chulitna Lodge Wilderness Retreat

Chulitna Lodge Artist-in-Residence Program
  • Organization Mission: To share a love for responsible exploration of our worlds most remote locations, with the intent of passing forward the value of maintaining such places wild, and to personally reap the benefits of life a world apart.
  • Program Mission: Chulitna Lodge Artist-In-Residence Program seeks to provide the time, space, clarity, and facilities for all forms of creative professionals to make and meditate.
  • Timeframe: Early summer is energetic - full of hope and spring's rebirth. Mid-Summer boasts intensity with the midnight sun gleaming overhead. Late summer and into fall brings salmon, the changing of the leaves, and Aurora Borealis.

Artists can be expected to make a presentation to other residents, guests and staff at the lodge. On a case-by-case basis they are open to collaborating with galleries or other tangential projects.

Studio Information

The facilities are sufficient for many processes and media:

  • There is a complete wood-shop representing every tool one would need.
  • Printpress and silk-screening equipment.
  • Digital Photography facilities, including a new medium format flatbed/roll printer.
  • Welding and cutting tools. (Metal can be flown in, or repurposed from appliances/equipment collected over Chulitna┬┤s 80+ years.)
  • Light is ample, as is space for painters.

Writers and researchers will find the library burgeoning with everything from obscure local native legends, to biology, anatomy or taxa. Musicians - Please apply!!

Most materials needed can be flown in given enough notice.

Accommodation Information

Private or shared rooms are provided. Each room is either in the "main lodge" or a free-standing cabin along the lake shore. Often artists use this space as studio space as well as cabins/ rooms are fairly large.


Chulitna Lodge is 180 miles from the nearest road, with fly-in access only. They are located on a lake about 5 times the size of Manhattan in the midst of the epic mountain ranges of Lake Clark National Park in Alaska.

Contact information

999 Tanalian Dr.
Port Alsworth, AK 99653
United States

director [at]